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The Crucible Essay


In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, John Proctor reveals his protagonist character by the reputable and honorable male he lives to be. In order to comprehend why John Proctor is the lead character of the story, a meaning of the word protagonist is vital. A lead character is essentially the primary character of a story, mostly known as the good character. The author spends the majority of his time on him, and usually the character modifications or develops during the course of the novel.

The lead character is regularly the hero of the novel and rivals with the small enthusiastic character also referred to as the antagonist. With numerous complex qualities, he is the center of the plot. Proctor has stopped working in his marital relationship, been implicated of witchery, and concludes his life with forgiveness. Proctor exhibits real heroism in his acts of clamorous times.

As Proctor’s truths of infidelity are revealed, he settles these rumors with declaring that it is genuine. John Proctor is probably the real lead character.

In the Crucible, Abigail Williams is depicted as the antagonist of the allegory. Proctor cheats on his spouse, Elizabeth, with Abigail while Elizabeth is ill. The story continues with Abigail ending up being jealous and wanting John for herself. John reveals that he regrets his affair by specifying to Abigail, “I will cut my arms off before I ever grab you once again”. The focus of this sequence of occasions is how John handle this scenario. The Crucible literally indicates a tough test. His test is to conquer his difficulties in his marital relationship and society. Society at this time is implicating its people of witchery. John resolves his marriage problems and stumbles upon false allegations.

As Abigail creates chaos throughout the town, the concept of witches has spread too. Proctor is implicated of being a witch. He was selected to be implicated by the author due to the fact that he is the protagonist. The focus is mainly on his life and his family. He selects the right thing as he goes through the trials. He admits to his infidelity with Abigail to show that she lies. Proctor understands what he needs to do to save his partner. He is a hero by confessing his incorrect doings and confessing his grief for acting on them. Proctor learns to forgive through these trials.

John understands how to represent his beliefs and stand up for his rights through forgiveness. After he confesses to his sin, he is told to write on the church door for what he did. He refuses to after currently confessing his actions. Proctor did not wish to put his household to shame even more. “I can not install the gibbet like a saint. It is scams. I’m not the guy” (Act 4, pg.109) He knows that God knows and forgives however he shall not exploit it for others to judge and assume. Proctor concludes his life being content with the final decision he has made. He shows that he is a hero to his household and next-door neighbors.

John Proctor reveals numerous qualities of a lead character. He is a hero to lots of as he risks his life since he understands he believes in God. The story focuses on his marriage and the consequences of the instructions of his incorrect behaviors. Frequently the novel will focus generally on the protagonist’s personal scenario. Proctor is the primary character as Abigail Williams serves as villains throughout the story. She fights to break down Proctor and make him like her. Proctor prevails by doing the morally correct action by confessing and sticking to his beliefs. John Proctor displays qualities of a brave protagonist.

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