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The Crucible have lasting appeal Essay


The play ‘The Crucible’ was written in 1953 by Arthur Miller. It was embeded in a 1692 in a little Quaker town called Salem, Massachusetts, The United States And Canada. Arthur Millar based the play on the Salem witch trials, so components of this piece of literature are based on historical fact. The play acts as an example for the communism which happened post The second world war in the American Government System. Miller himself stated of the setting “The place devotes a lethal brew of illicit sexuality, worry of the supernatural and political adjustment.

The Play explores human relationships in a deeply religious, insular society. It explores lots of typical styles that we can identify with the 21st century, the predominant styles are the stringent Quake religious routine, jealousy, vengeance, adultery, compulsive obsessive behaviour, the art of adjustment, power obsessed, love and hate, violence, racism and lastly prejudice. These styles are timeless as we still have them in today’s society. They are skilfully presented in the play in using stage craft strategies, where Miller develops tension and thriller throughout the thorax.

In his example Miller compares communism in the American Senate to the witchcraft that happened. This play highlights the hypocrisy of the American federal government and it is a satire on the American legal system. The title of this play, ‘The Crucible’ has a particular significance since a crucible is used as a melting pot for metal alloys and in Miller’s play he draws parallels in between the various social and cultural blend in a 17th century neighborhood and the blending of different metals to strengthen a structure.

As the concept characters in the play participate in disputes, struggle to understand one another and beguile with their lies and absence of fidelity, we could see the resemblance in between a red hot crucible as all stress come to the surface. There is a link between the crucible and the witches’ cauldron and witchcraft is a significant style in the play. The title likewise associates with the death of John Proctor at the end of the play and his betrayal of mindful, recommending to us that he too required cleansing like the metals warmed in the crucible to purify it.

This instantly attract our curious nature and we are naturally intrigued by superstitious acts. Miller interacts to us through the play how a group of girls control a theocratic society into believing that good friends, family or neighbours were practising the art of witchcraft. A character called Abigail and some good friends were discovered dancing in the forest. In order to divert attention form themselves the ladies took the opportunity to make their own allegations of witchcraft leading to the death of several characters.

Miller’s inspiration came from his personal experience in the McCarthy Age in which he was implicated of being a communist. Miller uses the theme of jealousy and presents it through Abigail Williams as she is plainly really envious of Elizabeth Proctor. She wants to eliminate her so that she can have John Proctor to herself. Abigail is obsessed with him and will do anything in her power to get him, even if it indicates that Goody Proctor is eliminated. When the women were dancing in the forest, Abigail consumed an appeal to eliminate Goody Proctor, this shows how much she will try in order to eliminate her.

The primary theme of this play is witchcraft, this engages the audience and adds curiousity. Mr Putnam wonders why seven of his children dies at birth and if it might be connected to witchcraft. Abigail utilizes the art of control to force the other women into following her. She blackmails them into doing as she state by stating: “Let either of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word, about the other things, and I will pertain to you in the black of some awful night and I will bring a pointy numeration that will shiver you. “

She wishes to be the leader and enjoys the power that includes it. She and the other ladies develop lies so that people in the town are implicated of witchcraft so they will be arrested and hanged. It is as if the girls are deciding who will live and who will pass away. Individuals being implicated of being witches are getting detained for it; this is making the people lie in order to prevent death. If individuals confessed to witchcraft, even if they didn’t practice it, their life would be spared. Corruption and discrimination is displayed in the play and also the abuse of power and influence.

Parris uses his power as the Reverend if Salem to his advantage. He is a widower with no interest in kids, this implies he doesn’t really understand or appreciate children and is a company believer that children must be seen however not heard. The true nature of Parris is that he is more concerned about himself not his child and this is revealed when he states: “Now look you, child, your punishment will come in its time. But if you trafficked with spirits in the forest I must understand it now, for surely my opponents will, and they will ruin me with it”

He was paranoid and controlling, this was shown by the truth he felt insulted if someone increased to shut the door with out initially requesting his consent. Also he thought that he was being maltreated anywhere he went. As Reverend he was expect to teach the word of God and ensure the rules of a Quake town were kept, nevertheless, he spent the church money on gold statues and candlesticks rather of investing it on things that would be worthwhile. This makes him a hypocrite as he is informing the villagers to do something while he is doing the other.

We likewise see racial discrimination against Tituba, “I know not– she spoke Barbados” This is a theme that can still be seen on the planet today and since she has a different appearance and she speaks in a different way then she is made a target for Abigail’s accusations. Abigail reveals that she is racist throughout the play. Program preview just The above sneak peek is unformatted text This trainee written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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