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“The Crucible” is still relevant Essay


The occasions in this play are both significant and awful, and numerous innocent individuals die. Who or what do you feel is most accountable for what taken place? Can the blame be laid in any one direction or are there a number of contributing elements? Do you believe the play has any significance for us today? Clearly the blame can not be cast onto a single specific although it is also true that some individuals are more to blame than others. Nevertheless I think the element most responsible was the society in which they lived.

If the society had allowed dancing, the ladies would not have been dancing in secret.

Ruth Putnam and Betty Parris would not have actually gone into shock after being discovered. The girls would not have actually felt obliged to lie. If the belief in witchcraft had not been so firm, the girls would not have been thought from the start, Medical professional Griggs would not have actually told Parris to look “look to abnormal things” for the cause of Betty’s Health problem.

Hale would not have actually been sent for and nothing would have come of it. Abigail, Tituba and Betty would not have actually been able to accuse many others at the end of act one and others throughout the play.

Ann and Thomas Putnam might not have cried witch on others to get their land, and the implicated would not have been able to move the blame by stating somebody cast their spirit on them. With such a stringent lifestyle, it would be natural to want to rebel as the women did in the forest. Sobbing out witchcraft was a method of revealing long held hatreds of neighbours and taking revenge under the name of the lord and his work. These things might not usually be expressed so openly. The method the court and justice system worked was not like courts today.

In our society we would state innocent till proven guilty, in the court in “The Crucible” it is guilty till tested innocent, and you can not be shown innocent. As John Proctor states, “Is the accuser always holy now?” The accusers are always believed, never ever the implicated. This is why many individuals implicated others prior to they got implicated themselves. Partly due to the fact that of the I think the casting of the blame of individuals in the play requires to be divided into three classifications; those to blame, those accountable, and those who might have stopped it.

By this I indicate those without intentions who unconsciously caused things to occur as they did, the people with motives who purposely triggered the outcry, and those who had it within their power to stop it, and didn’t. An example of the very first type of person is John Proctor. Proctor took Abby “from her sleep and put understanding in her heart” during their affair. He should not naturally have had an affair with Abigail, but by opening her eyes to what a pretence Salem was, he was not deliberately letting her know what she could get away with.

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