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The Crucible Morality in the Play – John


The Crucible Morality in the Play– John

The Crucible Morality Essay The Crucible starts with all the towns individuals implicating each other of being in allegiance with the devil, an action that society considers deserving of hanging. To save themselves from hanging, one might confess to the charge and accuse others of romping with the devil, or cone might hang to avoid lying and violating one’s principles. When the court prompts John to confess, he pleads guilty to his own “crime”, nevertheless when they ask him to report others, he refuses.

It is unknown at this point whether John believes it is right of incorrect to not admit, however he publicly announces that he will not implicate others since individuals “think to go like saints. I like not to spoil their names” (Miller 130). He believes individuals, who plead innocent and will not lie to conserve their lives, pass away like saints. Rebecca Nurse is charged for witch craft. John believes that those like her will do what she will because even she will die like a saint. After John Proctor orally confesses to the charge, the court asks him to sign a paper for evidence.

They inform him it is a need for it to be signed for his confession, in order to set an example for others not to deal with the Devil. However, never ever has an implicated individual been asked to sign a confession which will later end up being public for everyone to see. The court explains to John to sign it currently if he wants to live after dawn. John responds exclaiming there is a huge difference between the 2 and “what others say and what I sign to is not the very same! (Miller 132). Procter sets with the idea that when one orally confesses, the effects totally vary than when a signed confession is set up openly. When people discuss it, each will alter the story, since of hearing it in a different way. Evidence will constantly live, while chatter dies. In addition, since the story will keep altering perhaps if he selects not to sign it, which would be enabled, then his household’s track record would not be as disgraced.

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