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The Crucible Movie Review


The Crucible Motion Picture Review

The Crucible Movie Review The Crucible is a movie based upon the true story about the witch trials that were kept in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The motion picture is historically appropriate is the element that the trials began from a group of ladies trying to stay out of difficulty by implicating people in the village that they casted their spirit onto them to make the girls act like they were being damaged by the so called bewitched. The motion picture is very good and effectively discusses how the girls started the entire thing.

The motion picture is set in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. A time where lots of believed in witch craft and those implicated of witchery would be hung or some other kind of execution. In 1692 girls would remain in a lot of trouble if discovered dancing in the woods naked or trying to cast love spells on guys. So when they were confronted on such allegations they lied and started to spread out lies of witchcraft to avoid of problem. As the film continuities the girls have called many people as witches.

Given that the incident occurred in the 1600’s those implicated of witchery were typically hung within the next couple of weeks, and considering that there was no evidence of being a witch the courts would think the young girls no concerns asked considering that they didn’t young girls such as themselves can lying to such a level. The main character in the film is Abigail Williams. She is the main “ring leader” of all the of girls involved in the making of accusations of witchcraft.

She didn’t wish to get into trouble when challenged about dancing in the woods so she blamed the house slave named Tituba. Since Tituba doesn’t want to be hung she declared that the devil desired her however she says she declined which she is a lady of god. Soon after that all of the girls begin to state that they saw towns individuals with the devil which they would cast out their spirits onto the women and make then do thing, or trigger them physical pain. After many individuals are implicated of witchery Abigail Williams accused a lady called Elizabeth Procter.

Abigail utilized to stay with Mrs. Procter and her spouse John Procter once Elizabeth learnt that John and Abigail “understood” each other she let Abigail go and she then relocated with her uncle. Convinced that Elizabeth was staining Abigail’s name in the town she called witchery on Elizabeth, believing if she was out of the photo her and John could be together. After many more innocent individuals are accused of being a witch and carried out one of the girls accuses John Procter so the other girls would stop accusing her of being a witch.

After this is done Abigail tires to get John out of prison and to run away with her, after he decreases this she flees by herself. Then Procter is used to sign his name and confess to being a witch, he signs is name to the paper but declined to hand it over for all to see, he then rips up the paper and chooses he would rather hang then sign away his good name. I think that the film is historically precise and the role of Abigail Williams was really accurate.

She is simply a girl who wanted somebody she knew she could not have and she wanted to avoid of trouble. Elizabeth Procter is also protruded extremely well. She is a strong lady and simply desires the best for her family. When provided the opportunity to admit to the court about her spouses adultery and tarnish is reputation to offer a reason for Abigail to want to hurt her and her family she waits her hubby and lies that nothing occurred between the 2 of them, as most partners would. John Proctors character is also very precise to what actually occurred.

He was drawn in to another female and did something he wasn’t proud of then attempted to confess to the courts. I believe the starlets selected to play all the girls were exceptional. It is easy to see how a group of ladies would lie to avoid of problem and I believe that they all did an exceptional task playing their rolls. The judges in the motion picture were also historically correct. Given that in the 1600’s it was a very spiritual time “dancing with the devil” was a very serous thing all the judges needed to take the allegations very seriously and they all were really believable.

Over all I enjoyed the motion picture and would suggest it to anyone. It is an amusing and historically precise way to delight in history. To think of that this really happened and a group of young girls might kick back and cause so many deaths is a really surreal thing. It makes you ask you’re self “if I remained in the exact same circumstance would I let all these innocent people die too?” From the stars and the truth behind all of it was a very good film and something that everyone must watch.

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