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The Crucible Narrative Essay


The Crucible Story Essay

The Crucible Story Essay I am a Negro slave in which I remain in my forties. Reverend Paris had brought me with him from the Barbados. As I get in as one does I can no longer bear to be barred from the sight of my precious. Every because I have actually came here I was frighten because my servant sense alerted me to return. Salem, Massachusetts in the spring of 1692 dancing in the woods and conquering sprits was against their faith. Me and the women of Salem, Massachusetts get along actually well. One night we chose to go dancing in the woods and dominate boys’ spirits.

We danced around a pot filled with blood, frogs and chicken. I stood and watch the women toss flowers in the pot, a girl naked, and Abbigal drinking blood. While all these was going on I identified Reverend Paris strolling in the woods and he spotted me and the girls. Once we saw him all the women took off running and Betty passed out once she saw her daddy. While I’m running through the woods I looked back And saw Betty being brought. Through the time I lastly left however I’ve heard that Betty has not wakened from when she fainted. I entered the room and said “my Betty be hearty soon? As quickly as I said that Reverend Parris informed me to get out of there. After I was about to leave I said “my Betty be hearty soon?” Reverend Parris was so annoyed in fury that he require me to get out. When I left the space I understood Abbigal and Parris were going to discuss what happened in the woods. She informed him that we were simply sportin and that I just sung my Barbados tune. That’s when I understand that she called me a witch and I was dominating spirits while they were dancing. So they came and got me and brought me in I was surprised and angry Abby why?

Abby said that I made her beverage blood, no, no chicken blood, I offer the chicken blood! Then Hale said have I employed them to the Devil, I’ve clearly told him while stressing that I don’t truck with the Devil. Quickly enough they began beating/whipping me while asking me concerns. I rejected all of it telling them that I do not compact without any Devil!!! I was so horrified that I fell to my knees and told them that I work for the Devil however I don’t desire to work for him. I knew that this was a lie however they wanted to hear it anyway. In my mind I thought this individuals were crazy.

I was terrified by the coming of so many concerns I told Parris that I do think somebody else be witchin’ these kids. Like usual I knew he said who, but I didn’t understand who thou so I told him the Devil has various witches. Hale was stunned and revealed is as a hint. He informed me I would be a good Christian woman. Oh yes sir I would be an excellent Christian female. I told him that I enjoy the kids and I would not hurt them. Hale then asked me when the Devil came did/does he ever come with another individual. Parris said who featured him?

Then Putnam said did Sarah Good come with the Devil, did you ever see Sarah Good or Osburn with him? Parris asked me was it a man or lady who featured him? I informed him it was a woman. Then Parris asked what lady. I told him it was pitch black and I. … Paris said you could see him why could not you see her. Well they were always talking; they constantly running round and continuing. Hale then stated I’m God’s instrument put in my hands to discover the Devil’s representative amongst them. Hale kindly ask me individuals who featured the Devil? 2? 3? Four? I informed them there were four. There were 4.

Parris was so distressed he started continuing me WHO? WHO? Their names. Their names. Ha I break out and said oh the number of times the Devil bid me to kill you Mr. Parris. Parris was surprised and terrified KILL ME !!! Then one stormy night he came to me and stated look I have white people come from me, I look and there was Goody Good. In stunned everybody said Sarah Good other than Mrs. Putnam. Mrs. Putnam then jumped in and stated I knew my 7 infants constantly shriveled in her hands. Hale informed me I should provide all their names. Before I might Abby leapt in and said she wished to open herself.

All of a sudden she started calling out names that she seen with the Devil like Sarah Good, Goody Osburn, and Bridget Bishop. Betty soon awakens and started calling out names that she seen with the Devil like George Jacobs, and Goody Howe. Parris got excited and said she speaks and went to accept her. Hale said Splendor to God, it is broken they are complimentary! Then quickly all the girls of Salem, Massachusetts started calling out names that they have actually seen with the Devil. After all of it was taken care of I was thrown in jail after I confess to a lie and gave them names of innocent individuals.

Being in jail I didn’t really understand what was going on. Left out from everyone, since I didn’t do anything but get lied on. As people started coming I n I’ve heard Goody Osburn would be hung and that Sarah Good admitted. While I beinged in prison covered in dirt I’ve heard that Abby strolled into court with a dagger stuck in her side and she said that Elizabeth Proctor was doing voodoo on her. Mary Warren offered a poppet as a present and that she stuck a needle in the side for safe keeping yesterday. Elizabeth informed me that she was jailed since they discovered a poppet with a eedle on the side and Mary Warren couldn’t remember if she put that needle in or not. Outside the prison door I’ve heard that Marry Warren was afraid of Abby and the girls. Giles came to the prison and told me that he was clap for a contempt of a hearing. Not long after he left however I heard that he was pressed to death so he passed away. In the jail I hear the ladies going bananas saying that Mary Warren have sent out a bird on them and now its chasing them in to the water. That’s when I hear Mary Warren turn on John Proctor and calls him a witch. Sarah Good stated to me Oh, Majesty! Comin’, Comin’!

He’s here His Majesty come, that do not seek to me like his majesty; he seek to me like the marshal. I told Sarah that we goin to Barbados, quickly the Devil gits here with the feathers and the wings. Herrick pulled me out while I was asking the Devil to take me home. They asked John Proctor to confess to a lie by signing his name. John Proctor signed his name however he couldn’t live with the lie so he took it back and ripped it up. While all these was going on Abby stole 31 pounds from her uncle leaving him destitute. Rebecca Nurse told John Proctor not to fear absolutely nothing, another judgment waits us all! They were hanged and they died.

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