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The Crucible: Play Summary


The Crucible: Play Summary

Ebo Otuya English 11 Duration 3A December 13, 2012 Act I The Crucible 1. Yes In my point of view Miller explains what truly inspired individuals of Salem to implicate their next-door neighbor, pal, and family members of witchcraft since on page 167 paragraph 7 the Quote says the parochial snobbery of these people was instrumental for their failure to convert the Indians.

Another quote I discovered was on the exact same page exact same paragraph sentence three and the quote says “At any rate extremely couple of Indians were converted and the Salem folk believed that the virgin forest was the devils last presence his online and the critadel of his final stand”. What these quote implies is that the Indians probably transformed their hatred to the Salem individuals or the devil to them. Or the place that they had went to is now a demonic place.

I can relate to this since I was always peaceful but I relocated to a location where people talk and now in some cases I speak with. 2. Abigail and the girls were dancing when reverend parris saw them. On page 170 when parris talks it says “that my child and my niece I discovered dancing like heathen the forest”. Another quote I discovered was “But if you trafficked with spirits in the forest”. The reverend parris thought the ladies were worshiping spirits or doing some ritual.

I can link since in some cases I think that my sister is listening to music bad songs but it was great songs. 3. Parris is incredibly worried about the evidence of witchcraft being found in his own house due to the fact that his perfect image as Reverend and understanding that he currently has enemies does not want to more tarnish his image. On page 170 the sixth parris the quote says “I must understand it now for undoubtedly my enemies will and they will ruin me with it”.

Another quote is on the very same page seventh parris and it states” there is a faction that is sworn to drive me from my pulpit”. What both of these quote suggests is that reverend parris does not anyone to understand what his niece of daughter was doing because individuals can believe he is up to something which can make him lose his position. I can connect with this due to the fact that I to have had nieces and they did some bad things and I didn’t want my parents to understand what they had actually done or else I would remain in difficulty not them. Rebecca nurse thinks that the women are involved in witchcraft. On page 180 the second Rebecca it states “there is prodigious threat in the seeking of lose spirits. What this suggests is that the people do not hope a lot as they utilize to so now the girls are getting more and more into witchcraft. I can link to this since I have thought of some individuals were up to no good so I would constantly be suspicious of them. 5. Mrs.

Putnam is so excited to show there is witchcraft in the town is because she had vendettas against numerous families in the neighborhood for one factor or another. Mrs. Putnam was attempting to get a quick conviction for goody Osborne for personal animosities. On page 180 I got a quote that says” you think it gods work you must never lose a kid not grandchild either and bury all but one”. What she suggests is that people had kids that most likely passed away and buried just 1 kid however kept the body of the other.

I can’t make any connections to this to my life but I can worldwide due to the fact that some people bury kids and take their bones or other body parts for routines etc. 6. The source of the conflict in between parris and proctor is based on the incident where parris whined until he could get gold candlesticks instead of great pewter ones and proctor got upset since it involved part of his cash. That and parris isn’t actually a great minister according to proctor.

On page 182 Putnam and proctor are speaking about arrive on what Putnam’s grandfather had actually not owned and I’m thinking proctor got mad because it didn’t come from Putnam or his grandfather. I can connect to this due to the fact that among my friends had something i owned and it did not belong to him so we had a big dispute over it up until we settled it and I let him have it. 7. Abigail Williams and john proctor had an affair when Abigail was still working at john’s location.

First of all I do not get why Abigail liked john because john is way older then Abigail and he already has a better half. 8. Abigail is basic envious and desires to have vengeance on Elizabeth proctor. On page 177 Abigail states” I marvel how such a strong male might let such a sickly better half” and another quote I found is “she is blackening my name in the village she is informing lies about me she is cold sniveling female”. I think Abigail despises Elizabeth she feels that she needs to not be in johns life.

I can link to this because this boy was jealous of me since this girl liked me but I did not understand it so he would constantly make prepare for me to get in problem. 9. Giles Corey was uncommon due to the fact that unlike bulk of the deaths in Salem throughout the witch trials he was tortured and pressed to death. The others were either hung or died in jail. On page 181 Giles says” I have just last month collected 4 pound damages for you publicly stating I burned the roofing system of your home”.

This makes him truly uncommon to me due to the fact that he probably ought to’ve died since he has less money or food. i can make connections since some individuals die off of no cash or food or go to jail however others can live for specific period of time or days. 10. Thomas Putnam is such a bitter guy since he feels he has been done wrong and others have made the most of him. Or he is such an enthusiastic male like he prospers to be rich and a landowner.

On page 182 putnam says you load one oak of mine and youll battle to drag it home. Another is “ill have my guys on you corey ill clap a writ on you”. He probably had some awful times in his childhood that is why he is so choosy or perhaps he was simply raised that method. I can make connections to this due to the fact that my little cousin is fussy with things like in his house he thinks he is a king so he employers everyone around. 11.

Reverend hale is a minister in Beverly. He supports the witch trials but later knocks them when he discovers that Abigail is lying. On page 182 2nd sentence it says “this is a cherished errand for him on being called here to ascertain witchcraft he felt the pride of the professional whose uniqe knowledge has actually at least been publicity called for. This suggests that he searches for people who are related to witchcraft or other demonic things.

I can connect since he is doing his job nicely and like me I go to school to find out that is like my primary job. 12. Tituba confesses so easily to get a reprieve from the pounding she is receiving. Hale and parris threaten to hang her if she does not cooperate. It is then that she understands the fact is not going to save her. She can see that the only thing that will save her now is for her to accompany the women story and to press the blame on someone else.

Her confession is initiate since she is comforted and informed that they will protect her if she will offer the names of those she seen with the devil sarah good and goody osburn. On page 189 tituba’s side it says “you lie devil you lie and then he come one rainy night to me and he say look I have white individuals come from me and I look and there was goody great”. I can relate to this due to the fact that I have had confessions to that I did not want anyone to understand.

Act II 13. The source of the tension in the proctor household is a spiritual eagerness added tension to mix the proctor family during the Salem witch trials. On page 191 the discussion it says “Elizabeth is heard gently singing to the kids. I can associate with this since sometimes my mother and father get into arguments and like I attempt to soothe them down. 14. Elizabeth feels that Abigail is actually a witch.

On page 196 elizabeth it says “she wants me dead I brand-new all today it will pertain to this. I believe Abigail is a witch since first of all she likes the male that Elizabeth is with so Abigail will do whatever in her power to eliminate Elizabeth. I can relate to this because as I stated in the other concern this lady liked me and the boy that liked her discovered and he attempted whatever in his power to eliminate me. 15.

In the crucible Mary warren gives Elizabeth a poppet that she made while in court and tells the couple that thirty-nine people are now in prison and that goody Osborne will hang her for her failure to confess to witchcraft. On page 194 Mary warren states “I am ill I am ill Mr. proctor pray hurt me now”. So I’m thinking she was ill all these years and she wishes to pass away to end the discomfort. I can relate to this due to the fact that I to have actually been injured or sick but actually I don’t wish to pass away like she does. 6. All they can do is play the blame video game. Say that somebody else was possessing you. On page 199 Elizabeth says I think possibly we have been too difficult with Mr. parris I think so but sure we never liked the devil here. What she is trying to say is she is not into witchcraft however maybe is blaming another individual for doing it. I can relate to this because some people blame others for doing something they did refrain from doing. 17.

Mary warren who had lied and now is lastly informing the reality lies again to conserve Elizabeth’s life. At first she is the voice of reason amongst her teenage good friend, but then she fractures siding with Abigail fueling the fear in the town and discrediting both john and Elizabeth. I can link to this due to the fact that people chooses sides just so they can get something up until later on in life they actually aren’t your good friend. 18. The man is more worried about his track record than of the well being of his sick daughter betty.

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