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The Crucible – Power and Manipulation Essay


Select any three or 4 characters and discuss how they show the abuse of power. Given that 1938 an organisation called your house Un-American Activities Committee had actually been in presence in America. This organisation had the power to investigate any movement or individual who was an apparent threat to the safety of the state. Under the chairmanship of Senator Joseph McCarthy, this committee became paranoid in it’s locating of communist sympathisers among the American individuals in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

There were real fears in America that the philosophy of communism would ultimately undermine and damage industrialism and the ‘American’ lifestyle. Practically any criticism of the federal government or its instructions took place to be, in the eyes of McCarthy, an entry of obedience to communism. Arthur Miller wrote numerous plays which shared a comparable theme to ‘The Crucible’. In 1950 Arthur Miller had actually composed an adjustment of Ibsen’s ‘An Opponent of individuals’ dealing with a person who insists he is best whilst the vast bulk are incorrect.

Millers ‘Death of a Salesperson’ 1949 also had a universal style; a people mean what he believes to be morally right versus the hazards of an unethical society. Lastly, Millers’ ‘All my Boys’ 1947 was a successful stage play as well as a successful film. The play dealt with the difficulties of a private in society, dealing with pressure and at the exact same time keeping his self-respect. ‘The Crucible’, written by Arthur Miller was based upon real historic happenings in Salem, Massachusetts 1692.

It was initially produced in 1953 in the middle of the McCarthy political ‘Witch-Hunt’ in America, even though the story had attracted the playwright for many years. The activities of the Committee inspired Miller, and the witch-craft trials which had happened in the American town of Salem, settled in Miller’s mind. For instance, the Committee had lists of individuals and desired the witnesses to call names, after observing this Miller took it into consideration for his play.

When Miller was simply a young person he had actually attended a socialist conference throughout the McCarthy duration, when the Senator was first producing Hysteria worrying Communism. This is what inspired Miller to make Hysteria the main style of his play. Additionally Miller was likewise generated front of the court and was questioned about his loyalty to Communism; this also provided Miller a concept for his forthcoming play.

Miller’s motivation came from real life occasions making his play very realistic along with meaningful. One of the most vital themes in this play is ‘Hysteria’. Throughout the play we have the ability to see the function that hysteria can play in destroying a neighborhood. Hysteria changes reasoning and makes it possible for the people in Salem to think that their neighbours, whom they have actually always thought about to be upstanding individuals, are devoting ridiculous and incongruous criminal offenses, for instance communing with the devil, eliminating babies and so on


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