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The Crucible Quiz 3

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  • ” value=”To conserve John’s reputation” > To conserve John’s track record To conserve time To conserve John’s life To save herself 16 What evidence does Giles Corey deal to the court? Parris is stealing cows Goody Nurse provided his partner books Abigail is threatening the ladies Putnam is informing Grace who to accuse 17 What is the petition that Proctor and Corey bring to the court? Citizens attesting to Abigail’s bad character People attesting to Elizabeth and Martha’s excellent character People requesting a brand-new trial for Elizabeth People disagreeing with the conclusions of the court 18 Why does Mary Warren inform the court about the ladies’ pretense? Since she felt guilty Since she was tired of the pretense Since she was angry at Abigail Since Proctor threatened her 19 Which thing didn’t the ladies carry out in the woods? dance naked perform voodoo sing Barbados tunes attempt to get in touch with the dead 20 What does Reverend Hale believe about witchcraft? That it doesn’t exist That there is no sure way to discover its existence That it has actually taken hold of Salem That they must use scientific methods to recognize it 21 Who made Elizabeth’s poppet? Abigail Tituba Mary Warren Elizabeth 22 What did Abigail accuse Elizabeth of? Pulling out her hair Stabbing her in the stomach with a needle Cutting slashes on her legs Squeezing her lungs 23 Which rule did Proctor forget? Eliminate Remember the sabbath Adultery Bear false witness 24 What are Giles Corey’s last words? I object More weight Simply do it No plea 25 What does Elizabeth say John lastly has at completion of the play? His goodness His function His soul His name

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