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“The Crucible”: Quotes Analisis


“The Crucible”: Prices Quote Analisis

Price estimate # 1: “Is the accuser always holy now?” John Proctor says this to Reverend John Hail in act II. This is when they have actually come to Proctors home with a warrant for his wife. Reverend Hail begins to say that if she is innocent then the court will show it. Proctor cuts him off and says,”If she is innocent! Why do you never ever question if Parris be innocent, or Abigail?” It indicates that he thinks that they should be taking a look at individuals blaming and see if they are so innocent themselves.

They have actually simply assumed that due to the fact that Abigail is implicating people she need to be doing Gods work so therefore she must be pure and great, which was clearly not real. Quote # 2: “Think you be so mighty that the power of Hell may not turn your wits?” Abigail Williams states this to Deputy Governor Danforth in act III. This is when they are in court, simply after Mary Warren admits to pretending to see spirits. Danforth asks Abigail if she was also pretending and she responds defensively and openly threatens him. Her stating this reveals that she understands that she is holding the power.

Nobody wishes to get on Abigai’s bad side since she is the ring master in this circus and she can accuse whoever she likes. She is generally telling Danforth that he better view what he says to her. Price estimate # 3:”You=re the Devil’s male!” Mary Warren states this to John Proctor in the end of act III. They remain in court, Abigail and the girls are acting as if they see Mary Warrens spirt attacking them in the form of a bird. Mary Warren simply admitted to pretending to see spirits then suddenly altered her story when it appeared like she was going to be implicated of witchcraft.

Mary Warren is a week person. She was watching out for herself when she accused John Proctor of being the Devil=s guy. She saw that Abigail was going to win and chose to change sides to conserve herself. Price estimate # 4: “You can not hang this sort. There is threat for me.” Reverend Parris says this to Deputy Governor Danforth in act IV. They remain in the prison, and Parris is trying to get Danforth to delay the hangings. He starts the conversation stating that there has been rebellion in Andover, attempting to convince Danforth that this might happen in Salem also.

Really Parris doesn=t appreciate the opportunities of a disobedience he is just fretted about himself. He states “You can not hang this sort.” This suggests individuals like Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor due to the fact that they are upstanding in the neighborhood. He knows he is partly responsible for the hangings and is stressed that if these people hang that someone will follow him. He discovered a dagger in his door the night prior to so he most likely has great reason to worry. Quote # 5: “I can not install the gibbet like a saint. It is scams. I am not that man. “

John Proctor says this to Elizabeth Proctor in act IV. John is in the prison and Elizabeth has actually been generated to speak with him about confessing. Elizabeth states that she can not judge him and John asks her what she wants him to do. John informs her that it would be pretense for him to hang due to the fact that his sincerity is broken. John does not feel as though he is a sufficient person to crave the fact since he is a lecher. He doesn’t want to be kept in mind as a martyr due to the fact that he feels that would be fraudulent. Estimate # 6: It requires a cold other half to trigger lechery

Elizabeth Proctor says this to John Proctor in act IV. Elizabeth is talking with John in the jail. John is speaking about how it is a scams for him to die for the reality. John requests her forgiveness and she states that he needs to forgive himself before she can forgive him. She tells him that “Whatever you will do, it is a great male does it.” She is saying that he is an excellent guy and that it is partly her fault that he committed lechery due to the fact that she was cold. She likewise says “It were a cold house I kept,” meaning that she feels that she didn’t reveal him her love.

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