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The Crucible Research Paper


The Crucible Research Paper

There was a lot of discrimination against homosexual individuals at the time. This discrimination was because of the views of public and authority figures, in addition to the fear of the unidentified and outsiders. Many times fear causes people to think crazily, such as in the Salem witch trials. The discrimination and treatment of the homosexuals Is similar to the method the witches were treated in The Crucible. Society tends to turn versus the minority that most do not authorize of. There are some cases where individuals have actually been bothered and even physically harmed because of their sexual orientation.

In the asses, individuals who were homosexual were typically shunned and looked down upon. People who even looked somewhat homosexual were overlooked and avoided, particularly since they thought that everybody who was homosexual had AIDS. When the AIDS illness initially came out, individuals believed that the illness could be spread out air-borne, so anybody who looked somewhat gay was prevented. In The Crucible, individuals who were accused of witchcraft were shunned Just like the homosexuals remained in 1 sass. If somebody was supposedly a witch, they were detained and treated like they were the dirt on the bottom of a person’s shoe.

Witches were prevented in The crucible since the people of Salem believed that If they were even near to the itches then there was a possibility that they would become a witch too. Homosexuals were not considered equivalent in the eyes of authority figures. Even today, there are still lots of places where gays are not enabled to get wed. Because gay individuals can not get wed, they can not have the exact same health Insurance advantages that everybody else who are wed can have. In The Crucible, authority figures had people who were implicated of witchcraft automatically secured.

The Judges In the town of Salem would state that the witchcraft trials were fair trials, but it was not real. In the story, the Judges had currently comprised their mind before any of the trials took place: anybody that had actually been implicated of being a witch was thought about to be a witch regardless of the truths, and all witches were going to be hanged unless they confessed. It was apparent that the judges looked down upon the witches, due to the fact that they did not let the implicated witches have hardly any say throughout the trial. Individuals of Salem had a strong belief of the authority figures, and the authority figures made the most of that.

The authority figures understood that if they believed that a person was a witch, then the whole town would believe they were a witch. P till about a few months back, homosexual individuals were not enabled to be in the military or the kid scouts. By not letting homosexual people do these things, authority figures and the federal government were victimizing the minority of homosexuals. Due to the fact that the 1 OFF attenuator Tellers In I en Crucible Ana e n et states Delve a an Nell teeny say must be followed, many times the authorities were unfair and did not let the homosexuals and implicated witches stand up for themselves.

In both The Crucible and in the United States, the minority (homosexuals and witches) were treated harshly. Individuals in Salem had no concrete evidence that anybody was a witch, but anybody who was implicated or appeared like a witch was jailed. In Prison, the witches were beaten and their penalty if they were guilty was to be hanged. In the United States, some homosexuals were beaten by other American citizens because of their sexual orientation. Some individuals do not believe in homosexuality due to the fact that of their faith.

Individuals take what they think in to a whole new level: some think that due to the fact that their religion states that homosexuality is a sin that everybody who is homosexual is in some way connected to the devil. The same opts for the witches in The Crucible: witches were said to be related to the devil or they were the devil themselves. Homosexual individuals, especially throughout the asses, were afraid to leave their houses since of the method they would be treated if they were to go out in public. Likewise, Individuals in the town of Salem bore in mind their actions to make sure they were not accused of being a witch.

So, since of the way homosexuals and accused witches were treated, the homosexuals and people of Salem bewared about the method they acted to ensure they were not targeted. 2 variables that existed in the story of The Crucible and when it comes to homophobia after the AIDS were the worry of the unknown, and Xenophobia (fear of the outsider). In The Crucible, the unknown was the indescribable wicked occurring in the town of Salem. Individuals could not determine some of the health problems, so they were automatically associated with witchcraft.

The witches were the outsiders in The Crucible. Many individuals of the town had a worry of the witches who were the outsiders; for example, in The Crucible, characters like John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse were separated from their families after they were accused of being witches. This separation was since of the fear of the outsiders. Witches were thought about the devil’s kids, and individuals thought that being around a witch could make them likewise rely on the dark side; for that reason, witches were separated from the rest of society.

Just as witchcraft was the outsider and the evil was the unidentified in the Salem witch trials, during the AIDS breakout in the asses, HELP was the unknown. At the time, HELP was a new disease that had spread out quickly. “By 1982 the condition had acquired a variety of names– GRID (gay-related immune deficiency), ‘gay cancer’, ‘community-acquired immune dysfunction’ and ‘gay improvise syndrome” (“History of HIVE and HELP in the U. S. “). The majority of people at the time who were getting HELP were homosexuals, so people immediately assumed that it was a gay illness.

Medical professionals had theories of how this illness was spread out and where it came from, but they had no proof. The people were fearful of the disease, particularly because there was no cure and people were passing away quick. Homosexuals were the outsiders, and lots of people feared them. At the time, homosexuality was thought about unusual in society, causing people in society to fear homosexuals a lot more. Undoubtedly, the method people automatically connected witchcraft with all the evil in Salem and AIDS with homosexuals shows that individuals fear the outsider, and try to find a quick option to get rid of the outsider.

For the most part, the main reasons homophobia and the Salem witch trials occurred was Owe to ten flew AT 10 puddle attenuator Tellers Ana to xenophobia. I Nils Xenophobia led to the severe treatment and discrimination of homosexuals and witches. The discrimination and prejudice against homosexuals continues even in today’s society, and will probably continue for the rest of eternity. Also, one of the asses of the witch trials and homophobia after the AIDS breakout is the unknown.

All throughout history, humans have actually tried to solve the unknowns: whether the response be rational or illogical. Of course, in The Crucible and in the case of the homophobia after the AIDS breakout, the solution or answer to the unknown was illogical and inaccurate. These two events have shaped the society that individuals reside in today. Work Mentioned Black, D (1986) ‘The afflict years: a chronicle of AIDS, the epidemic of our times’, Picador, U.S.A. Oswald, G. A, et al (1982) ‘Attempted immune stimulation in the “gay compromise syndrome”‘. BMW, 1982 October 16; 285( 6348 ): 1082.

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