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The Crucible Response Essay


The play opens with the girls of the village dancing in the forest whilst Tituba carries out a routine to assist get the girls the other halves that they desire. Abi drinks chicken blood. The other women shriek and Abi’s uncle, Reverend Parris, bursts out of the bushes. The ladies flee and his daughter Betty collapses. Reverend Parris hopes at Betty’s bedside and requires Reverend Hale, a professional on witchcraft, when she still hasn’t woken the next day.

The Reverend interrogates Abi, who blames Tituba. Tituba ultimately bows into pressure and admits to witchcraft.

Betty awakens and together with Tituba and Abi, implicates the other women of the town of witchcraft. John Proctor ends his affair with Abi (who swears revenge) and then frames Goody Proctor who is detained and required to prison. Farmer Giles Corey is tried by the girls for witchcraft when their ulterior motive is to steal his land. John Proctor attempts to get Mary Warren to prove Goody Proctor’s innocence however Abi and the ladies bully her into lying for them once again.

Farmer Giles Corey is pushed to death for refusing to plead.

John proctor sacrifices himself to conserve his children’s name after he refuses to sign a public notice of his guilty plead. The others are hung for not pleading. Describe the process of small and big class freeze frame activities To begin with, we were separated into small groups of 5 and in those groups we were asked to discuss the 5 crucial scenes in the play “The Crucible”. My group chose that the opening scene, in which ladies of the town participate in ancient rituals with Tituba the servant, was the most crucial scene of the play. We believed this due to the fact that the whole events of the play were caused by this one scene.

Had the women not been captured by Reverend Hale then they would not have actually been accused of witchcraft and no-one in the town would have been hung or put behind bars. The next scene that we selected was the one in which the audience discover that John Procter had been having an affair with Abigail. This scene is likewise incredibly crucial because Abigail just decides to implicate Goody Proctor, John Proctor’s partner, of witchcraft when John Proctor calls off the affair. The scene in which Abigail stabs herself with a pin and accuses Goody Proctor of lagging it was selected as our third scene.

This then causes Goody Proctor going on trial and eventually being hung. Our 4th scene was the scene in which Abigail runs away with the Reverend’s money, this scene was disappointed in the stage play however is present in the movie variation and the original play. Our company believe that this is a crucial scene and one that the stage play missed out on. It shows that Abigail was genuinely just acting and was wrongly implicating the people of the village. The fifth and last scene that we selected was the last scene of the play in which the play’s main protagonist, John Proctor, and his better half are hung.

The small group freeze frames helped us to acquire a greater understanding of the play as we understood what the key moments of the play were and why. We were then provided 5 scenes to develop a freeze frame of in a big group. We then needed to pick one line that our character may be thinking at that point in the play, a method of thought tracking our own character. The very first scene we took into a freeze frame was the ceremony in the woods. We had a time limit in which to create the freeze frame and at first we didn’t work well as a group, having a hard time to get everyone’s points across.

I played one of the ladies carrying out the routine and selected my idea track as “I finally do not hesitate from the tight grips of men and the constraints of Christianity.” We worked much more effectively whilst making the second freeze frame and created the scene with time to extra, nevertheless not everybody felt that they had their reasonable state as three or four people took control and told individuals what to do. I picked to be someone being trialled for witchcraft and chose to state “How can truthful people condemn me to death for a criminal offense they understand I didn’t commit.

” Our 3rd scene was the part of the play in which the women acquire power within the courtroom. By this point we had fully gelled as a group and after hearing everybody’s suggestions, we chose to go with my idea to have the ladies managing the judges like puppets. This works on two levels within our freeze frame as they were managing both actually and figuratively. In this scene I was a lady controlling a judge who I believed might be believing “So simple to control, although I can’t assist however feel a pang of regret.” Our 4th and last scene was the last hanging of John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse.

Within this scene I was a woman from the courtroom who I thought of saying “I didn’t suggest for this to go so far … I just did it to leave problem.” I observed a genuine difference as the task went on, the more our group gelled the more powerful our scenes became. I feel this may be because once we had actually gelled; everybody’s views and viewpoints were heard, providing us a higher choice of concepts to select from. Doing the large group freeze frames actually assisted to comprehend the characters ideas and emotions, specifically as we had to believed track the characters we were depicting which helped to enter the character’s heads.

The next task included taking a look at Online forum theatre and how the principle (produced by Augusto Boal) could even more our understanding of the play. To begin with, our teacher produced a brief piece of drama and picked a group of trainees to act it out. After the very first time through, they were asked to do it once again however this time actors and characters would be added and/or swapped and random periods decided by the teacher. Initially the online forum theatre dealt with the story evolving with each addition of a character but towards completion of the forum theatre, the story started to collapse.

I believe this to be down to the fact that a lot of characters were added. It forced individuals to talk over each other and eventually shout as they weren’t being heard by the audience. Overall I do not believe in our case that the forum theatre helped with our understanding of The Crucible however had so many characters not been included, it would have. To conclude, I believe the explorative methods we used helped to deepen our understanding of The Crucible and the playwright’s objectives. Advancing our understanding of the characters ideas and feelings and why Arthur Miller composed the play.

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