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The Crucible Study Guide Essay


Please type the responses to the questions you were designated today utilizing total sentences and supplying. Offer a minimum of one (1) piece of direct textual evidence to support each response in addition to any essential explanation or analysis to support your responses. Make sure to answer every part to each question. Due on Monday, October 1, for a research grade.

1. What is incorrect with Betty Paris when the play opens? Explain her condition.

2. What is the real reason why Reverend Parris is disturbed over Betty’s condition? Explain.

3. What does Reverend Parris insinuate about Abigail’s loss of work with the Proctor’s? How is his insinuation later proved to be real later in Act 1?

4. What conflict appears to exist in between Mr. Putnam and Reverend Parris? Discuss the nature of their disagreement.

5. What does Betty reveal about Abigail and their activities with the other women and Tituba the night prior to? Explain pointing out at least one occurrence that happened on that night in the woods.

6. How does Abigail feel about John Proctor? How does he feel about her? Explain.

7. What does John state he will do prior to he grabs Abigail once again? Does Miller supply any information in the scene that lead the reader to believe John may not measure up to this pledge?

8. What is it that Betty can not stand to hear? What conclusion does Mrs. Putnam draw from this proof? Why?

9. How does Rebecca Nurse discuss Betty’s condition and why are her opinions disregarded by some? What offers Rebecca special authority in this scenario?

10. In what “field” is Reverend Hale considered to be a specialist? Explain his previous experience in this field?

11. To what does Tituba confess? What does her confession expose about her sensations towards Reverend Parris? Towards white individuals in general?

12. What do the occasions at the end of Act I foreshadow? Discuss citing a minimum of one event in particular.

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