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The Crucible was written by Arthur Miller Essay


The Crucible was written by Arthur Miller in 1953 and was based generally around the connection between the Salem witch trials and the McCarthyite witch hunts; the occasions of 1692 was stated to be utilized as an allegory for what was occurring in the 1950’s known as McCarthyism. McCarthyism describes a duration of paranoia in the United States of the 1950’s, when a variety of politicians, public authorities, authors and individuals involved in the movie industry were maltreated for apparently being Communists (and for that reason enemies of the state).

Miller was worried that excessive emphasis was being put on the immediate historical context of McCarthyism; he wanted it to be viewed as a method of checking out the trans-historical nature of the human ‘conscience’. Occasions prior to act three include Reverend Hale’s arrival in Salem, he goes to see Betty- who is Reverend Parris’s child, she was said to be seen dancing naked in the forest with Abigail and the other women, and is now ill in bed.

When he sees Betty, the other ladies- who simply take place to be in the room at the right moment.

Hale starts to gets ‘confessions’ from the other women who begin to implicate people of witchcraft. John Proctor though, as we know, had an affair with Abigail. In act one he begins to reject her advances and subsequently Abigail reveals more desire for him and shows hatred towards Elizabeth, the feeling is shared by both of them. Abigail Williams and the girls are allegedly making things up, perhaps to protect themselves by implicating other individuals of witchcraft, even though it was them that were seen dancing in the forest plus they were naked.

People think them as they don’t want to be implicated themselves, an example of this would be Mary Warren. She is forced by John Proctor to say that the ladies are lying, but the ladies begin pretending to see Mary’s spirit, they duplicate her words as she attempts to convince Danforth that she is refraining from doing anything. Danforth thinks the women and Mary knows she will probably be eliminated, so she chooses to get on the exact same side as Abigail by accusing Proctor of witchcraft. In the video we see that they remain in the sea where this occurred, an unique scene composed just for the video, we see that John Proctor states ‘God is dead!

‘ and for that reason more individuals start to believe he is a witch. Other primary characters in this scene would include: Danforth, Judge Hathorne and Reverend Hale- he is beginning to doubt the workings of the court house. The significant impact used by Miller when the ladies pretend to faint and see things is set in the courthouse where it would be quite cold currently, so when the girls are said to go cold when they ‘see’ Mary’s spirit, they would have already been cold so this reveals they could have been faking it.

In acts three and 4 in the court house John states that he has actually bedded Abigail, she denies all charges and so Elizabeth is brought in as John said she put her out understanding she was a harlot. We already have anticipation to know that John has confessed to lechery however Elizabeth won’t publicly embarassment John ‘I came to think he fancied her. And so on one night I lost my wits, I believe, and put her on the highroad.’ Hale tries to step in into the court to try and conserve the accused however ends up leaving, a broken man, he begins to encourage people to reject their faith in order to save their lives.

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