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The Crucible – Write two diary extracts Essay


The other night the other girls and I went out to the woods with Tituba. We were dancing to Tituba’s song. I should not truly be informing you this however I consumed a blood charm and Mercy was dancing naked likewise. Parris saw us in the woods. When we saw him, we all fled. We ignored the kettle in the grass. He didn’t know that I had intoxicated blood and I made sure that the girls would not state anything more than that we danced.

The beauty was to eliminate Proctor’s better half, Elizabeth. She’s a lying, cold, snivelling female. Proctor is the love of my life. He might have so much better than her-he could have me!

I heard that Betty was lying still and she would not awaken, I was fretted at first but when I visited her I realised it was simply an act to get her out of trouble for dancing.

She’s young and extremely anxious. I shook her and scared her and then she got up. I informed her that her Papa knew about the dancing- that I had actually told him. She mentioned the appeal, I was fretted. I still am worried that somebody might learn. I threatened the girls. I know they won’t disobey ME. They’re young and feeble. If anybody spills, I’ll get them in the black of the night!

Uncle was interrogating me about everything day. He was implicating me of witchcraft. He asked me if I had cast spells. I blamed everything on Tituba. Tituba cast all the spells-we could not have cast spells without her! It’s all her fault, however deep down I understand it isn’t her fault. I might’ve stopped it. I didn’t need to cast spells but I wanted to. I swore blind and informed him I did nothing however dance. I didn’t wish to lie, but if anybody discovered that I had actually cast spells I ‘d remain in serious trouble. The only penalty for dancing is whipping!

I spoke to John previously. I know that he desires me but he just can not bring himself to state it. I get so upset when I think about that wicked lady in your home awaiting him. How come she can have him but I can’t? She’s even blackening my name in the town now! I’m just waiting and waiting till he realises what is finest for him-until he comes for me!

I was scared of Hale-he’s a powerful man. I needed to lie to him over and over once again. Uncle informed Hale that he saw a kettle in the lawn, so then all I got was concerns and concerns. I believed I was in problem when I mentioned the frog, but I conserved myself by blaming Tituba! I told them that she made me drink blood and cast the spells.

Tituba attempted to save herself however, naturally, they thought ME! The discussion became too complicated so I decided to “confess”. I opened myself, I informed them I wanted the light of God, to leave the Devil and to return to Jesus! I sobbed out, “I saw Sarah Good with the devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil!” Betty awakened and took part with me. I blamed just the old initially, however I’ve yet to call out Elizabeth’s name! I don’t imply to damage the old but there’s no chance that I’m getting in problem for it, and if that means them being hanged-so be it! It was best, it was tough proof, hard as rock!


Dear diary,

I came in from planting very late today. I had to finish best to the forest edge, and it was very tiring. I was grateful to come house and see Elizabeth had cooked me supper. It was bunny. I slipped some salt in the pot while she was with the kids- so it was really yummy and well skilled!

Elizabeth appeared upset, she thought I ‘d been to Salem due to the fact that I was so late back. I had thought of going there, however I had thought better of it given that. I unexpectedly ended up being really mad since Elizabeth informed me that Mary Warren had actually been to Salem throughout the day and it seems like she was too weak to stop her. Obviously the court have power to hang those implicated so Elizabeth desires me to go to Salem to save them from being hanged. She desires me to eliminate versus Abigail; to tell the court that Abigail stated it was nothing to do with witchcraft that it’s all a fraud. I don’t understand why they think her anyway, however they do and that’s what matters. No- one else can stop this whole fraud! I have no evidence so how can I prove that Abigail’s lying? Elizabeth thinks I be reluctant since it will hurt Abigail. All I can do is try.

I realised what I had actually stated to Elizabeth about Abigail- “She told it to me in a room alone.” Elizabeth is extremely suspicious about it and concerns me, however she does not think me. I feel like I’m being evaluated by her, like I remain in court. I have actually gone tiptoe because Abigail and I will not keep being evaluated. She’s lost all faith in me now.

I can’t believe what is going on here. There have been thirty-nine females jailed and Goody Osburn is to be hung! Sarah Good admitted that she had actually dealt with the Devil so she survives! Am I the just one that can see that this entire thing is a fraud? I simply can not think that a Christian girl like Mary could enable old female to be hanged. Elizabeth is really concerned. She found out that she had actually been implicated. It was dismissed, but she believes that Abigail will sob out her name every day till she gets taken in. I attempted to assure her however it was no usage since she would not listen.

Hale appeared from no-where, it stunned me. He mentioned church; asked why I am so frequently missing. I tried to discuss myself however I understood it was no usage as he continued to question me.

I could not think it when Cheever came with a warrant for Elizabeth, good and pure as she is. She stands implicated by Abigail. Abigail made certain that the poppet was positioned in my home then acted a part affirming it was Elizabeth who pressed the needle in. No one can see that the accuser may not be holy. Those insane children are deciding our fates! When I heard the clank of the chain I cried. I could not breathe. No one sees the reality. Even Hale is a coward!

What do I do now? I need to confess the reality in court and reveal that Abigail is a phony, but I can not ruin my good name in the town. If I do have the nerve to Abigail will charge me with lechery but I can not let Elizabeth crave me- she is too filled with goodness. I will go to court tomorrow and I hope I will be strong enough to see justice is done!

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