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The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller Essay


We soon see another side to Hale. Abigail points out Tituba and Hale demands to see her. Hale is rather persuaded on conference Tituba that she is condensing with the Devil and that she has bewitched Betty. He orders Tituba to wake her but when Tituba says she can not Hale turns angrier and Parris threatens her with whipping. It is not long until Tituba is drawn into making allegations with Abigail and certain names get repeated. Hale is now persuaded that the work of the Devil is going on in Salem

At the end of Act One, we see how much Hale has an extremely strong belief in God and that God is with individuals of Salem because he reveals, “Magnificence to God! It is broken, they are totally free!” Hale goes into Act 2 at the end.

He is “drawn a little bit, and there is a quality of deference, even of regret about his way now.” He explains how the women have actually pointed out Rebecca Nurse and he has just originated from her home.

He is now on the outside, definitely certain that it is the work of the Devil going on in Salem, “No man might longer question the powers of dark are gathered in monstrous attack upon this town.

There is too much evidence now to reject it.” However, I do feel that Hale is torn in between what he feels mentally, that so many outrageous accusations are being made and for that reason something is wrong, and what he feels he needs to do, keep looking for signs of the Devil in the people of Salem. At the end of Act 2, we see Herrick come to the Proctor home. He has actually concerned jail Elizabeth by order of the court. Hale appears surprised and speaks to uncertainty about Elizabeth’s link with the Devil but goes on relying on that God will dominate, “I will hope God open our eyes.

” In Act 3 Hale has actually altered somewhat. Hale is not encouraged at all with Elizabeth Proctor’s relate to the Devil and also with numerous other individuals being held by the court. He is now starting to believe and speak what the audience reading the play would be believing and stating. When Elizabeth Proctor defends her spouse’s name by lying in the court, Hale weeps out, “Excellency, it is a natural lie to tell: I beg you stop now prior to another is condemned!” This suggests that Hale thinks that the people who have actually been condemned are innocent and it can not go on.

He speaks exactly what everybody checking out the play will be believing in their heads. By the end of Act 3 I don’t believe that there is any doubt I the reader’s head which of Hale’s that the witchcraft is being made up which Abigail is behind the hysteria. “This girl has actually always struck me false!” Abigail starts to twist the court far from thinking Proctor’s and Mary Warren’s story when they are summoned to the court to discuss the Poppet. She starts to yell and point at the ceiling, firmly insisting that there is a yellow bird up there.

The other girls quickly follow suit and start to pretend as well. Mary Warren can not handle this and soon goes back to the group of girls where she feels much safer. She now lays an accusation of witchcraft on to Proctor.” (pointing at Proctor): You’re the Devil’s male!” Hale when again promotes the audience, “You can not believe them!” “I see nothing, Your Honour!” and “Excellency, this child’s gone wild!” Hale sees that everyone has actually been engulfed by this mass hysteria therefore he goes out of court, he doesn’t want to be associated with these false accusations any longer.

“I denounce these procedures I stop this court!” In Act Four, Hale is no longer the strong, influential character he was at the start of the play. He is now trying to get the convicted detainees to admit so as to conserve their lives. I think this perhaps show some guilt on Hale’s head. He was drawn into believing the accusations and freely did his job, essentially condemning people to death. Hale asks the people to abandon their concepts and confess.

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