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The Crucible Arthur Miller


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Initial 1953 Broadway cast: [9] [10]

In June 1953 Miller recast the production, streamlined the “merciless sets of disrespectful structures” and added a scene. [10] [11]

Boo Alexander– Betty Parris
Jacqueline Andre– Tituba
Fred Stewart– Rev. Samuel Parris
Madeleine Sherwood– Abigail Williams
Barbara Stanton– Susanna Walcott
Jane Hoffman– Mrs Ann Putnam
Raymond Bramley– Thomas Putnam
Dorothy Joliffe– Mercy Lewis
Jennie Egan– Mary Warren
Arthur Kennedy– John Proctor
Jean Adair– Rebecca Nurse
Joseph Sweeney– Giles Corey
E. G. Marshall– Rev. John Hale
Beatrice Straight– Elizabeth Proctor
Graham Velsey– Francis Nurse
Don McHenry– Ezekiel Cheever
George Mitchell– Marshall Herrick
Philip Coolidge– Judge Hathorne
Walter Hampden– Deputy Governor Danforth
Adele Fortin– Sarah Good
Donald Marye– Hopkins
The production was directed by Jed Harris and produced by Kermit Bloomgarden.

2002 Broadway revival cast: [12]

Liam Neeson– John Proctor
Laura Linney– Elizabeth Proctor
Brian Murray– Deputy Guv Danforth
John Benjamin Hickey– Rev. John Hale
Christopher Evan Welch– Rev. Parris
Angela Bettis– Abigail Williams
Tom Aldredge– Giles Corey
Stephen Lee Anderson– Hopkins
Kristen Bell– Susanna Wallcott
Jennifer Carpenter– Mary Warren
Betsy Hogg– Betty Parris
J.R. Horne– Judge Hathorne
Patrice Johnson– Tituba
Sevrin Anne Mason– Mercy Lewis
Paul O’Brien– Thomas Putnam
Jeanna Paulsen– Ann Putnam
Frank Raiter– Francis Nurse
Dale Soules– Sarah Good/voice of Martha Corey
Helen Stenborg– Rebecca Nurse
Henry Stram– Ezekiel Cheever
Jack Willis– Marshal Herrick

2016 Broadway revival cast: [13]

Ben Whishaw– John Proctor
Sophie Okonedo– Elizabeth Proctor
CiarĂ¡n Hinds– Deputy Guv Danforth
Saoirse Ronan– Abigail Williams
Bill Camp– Rev. John Hale
Tavi Gevinson– Mary Warren
Jason Butler Harner– Rev. Samuel Parris
Jim Norton– Giles Corey
Tina Benko– Ann Putnam/ Sarah Good
Jenny Jules– Tituba
Thomas Jay Ryan– Thomas Putnam
Brenda Wehle– Rebecca Nurse
Teagle F. Bougere– Judge Hathorne
Michael Braun– Ezekiel Cheever
Elizabeth Teeter– Betty Parris
Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut– Susanna Walcott
Ray Anthony Thomas– Francis Nurse
Erin Wilhelmi– Mercy Lewis
This production was directed by Ivo van Hoveand included an initial rating composed by Philip Glass.

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