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The Crucible’s Relevance to today’s Society Essay


Salem has a lot to say about life 3 a century on. The underlying theme of ‘The Crucible’ is still true today. Witch-hunt. Even today if a serious criminal offense is committed people jump to conclusions and try to find the odd one out as a scapegoat. I will take a look at some examples of these. The Coldwar is one of the very best examples of this however to comprehend why I will take a look at the cause of the coldwar. The coldwar was a war without direct fighting between the two superpowers of the world the USA and the USSR.

The two nations were ideological opponents each thinking their system of government and their lifestyle was the best and just method. The USA was a democracy and held free democratic elections. The USSR was a communist state it was a one party dictatorship. In the USA service and home were owned privately. In the USSR the state controlled company and residential or commercial property. The USA was the world’s most affluent country.

However there was great poverty along with excellent wealth. The USSR was an economic superpower also.

However the basic standard of life was lower in the USSR than in the U.S.A.. However unemployment and poverty were lower in the USSR than in the USA. For Americans being complimentary and having rights was more important than everybody being equal. For communists nevertheless the rights of the specific were less important than the good of society as a whole. So individuals lives were tightly controlled. These elements kept the world on edge and on the verge of nuclear war for more than forty years. The pilgrims in Salam were like the communists in Soviet Russia.

The church securely managed the lives of the people in Salam and whatever was provided for the good of the church (God) and the town. Joseph, McCarthy was born in 1908 and died in 1957. He was a U. S. A senator from Wisconsin (1947-57). He attained nationwide popularity and power with his astonishing and unsubstantiated allegations versus those U. S. authorities (frequently in high positions) he termed card bring Communists. After the Senate condemned him (1954 ), his influence progressively decreased.

After this the word McCarthyism has ended up being synonymous with the practice of publicising accusations of treason and disloyalty with insufficient evidence. Nevertheless some people did admit to it when they had been accused, however there was no substantial proof. This is due to the fact that they could no longer take the pressure and stress. This is like in ‘The Crucible’ where John Proctor can no longer take the allegations and says, “God is dead”. I believe he says this as he can no longer take the tension of the witch trials and does not care to much for his own life when it concerns saving his other half.

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