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The final scene from ‘The Crucible’ Essay


In this scene Elizabeth is attempting to persuade her other half John to confess to witchcraft. She thinks that if John admits he will not be hanged. Proctor decides to confess due to the fact that he realises that he really likes Elizabeth and he fears loosing her and his kids. This is where the tension is primarily developed. When Rebecca Nurse tells John that he need to not lye he is totally confused. He wishes to stick with his family however he doesn’t wish to lie in the eyes of God.

The audience feel empathy towards Proctor and can see the situation that he is in. There is great deals of tense minute throughout the play and I feel that a playwright of a play as serious as this tries to make the audience feel tense when watching the play. I think that Arthur Miller wants to make the audience see the parallels in between America and Salem. The last scene is most likely among the most tense and dramatic scenes of the play, it is necessary for miller to make the audience likewise feel tense.

The stars play a crucial function to attempt and get the audience to belief what they are acting. The actors also need to develop lots of stress with the method they express things and their body movement. They likewise need to be careful that they do not break the tension. The characters speak using old-fashioned words that are not really utilized these days ‘hope, leave them, Excellency’. I think that Miller does this to attempt and make the play seem authentic and to get a sense of the characters beliefs and mindsets. The characters talk with American accents.

The majority of the characters speak the very same but the differences are the way each individual expresses their speech. For instance Danforth speaks for everyone as he has a high status in Salem and for that reason talk on behalf of other individuals ‘Pray be at your ease, we come not for your life. We.’ However on the other hand Elizabeth talks silently and only on her behalf ‘I assure nothing, let me talk to him’ and ‘it grows’. I feel that Elizabeth speaks like this due to the fact that of the situation she is in; she is being accused of a witch.

If we look at John Proctor he is concerned about others, ‘there is no word of the kids?’ he talks straight as he has the power to speak when he wants. He likewise wants to get straight to the point as he is going through a spiritual crisis; he would like to know whether to confess in the eyes of God or to tell the reality. His ideas are mostly about his circumstance. Proctor has been sent to prison for a while and he is for that reason curious about the circumstances that others are in. The characters utilize different tones of voice during the play.

Proctor has a strong voice. At the beginning of the play when he is talking to Abigail he speaks ‘with a flash of anger’. At this moment the audience notification that Proctor is a really strong character. Nevertheless in the final scene Proctor speaks ‘just’ and ‘in excellent pain’ he is having a psychological breakdown and is uncertain of what to do. It’s extremely impo1rtant that he speaks with emotion for this is a great device that gets the audience to comprehend his feelings. This likewise assists make the audience feel tense.

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