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The Life of Miss Emily Grierson in A Rose for Emily, a Short Story by William Faulkner


In the short story A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner, Emily Grierson is the protagonist, and the entire story revolves around her. The story begins with a large funeral service of Miss Emily and unfolds her life. Miss Emily Grierson is explained to be a fat woman living in an up-to-date town which had plenty of people who rather saw her as a remote woman, really cold and a lady who resided in her past. (Nichols 150)

Miss Emily is referred by the town people as a responsibility, care, and tradition. She is represented to be extremely stubborn, imply and old lady before her story unfolds. Later as her story unfolds, she is portrayed by people as a considerate character whose story can not be full. Understood.The title of the story A Rose for Emily also represents Miss Emily as the protagonist of the story. All that is reflected in the story is about the life of Miss Emily, it begins by her funnel and tells the life story of Miss Emily after her daddy’s death and the life after she started dating Homer Barron. (Faulkner 170)

She is stuck in both area and time and does not include her views in the changing interactions with the society. Emily is a brave female, in among the most prominent occasions in life she declined to pay taxes. Other circumstances include her sluggish approval to her dad’s passing and by her rejecting to have a mail box installed. She enforces her sense of conduct and law when she refuses numbers to be attached to her house. Her dismissal of the law, however, takes some more sinister repercussions, and she takes the life of the man. Despite Emily’s mental instability, she portrays herself as a strong female.

Miss Emily as explained by the storyteller in the story resides in an isolated home together with her servant. It considered people from the community to visit her house. At one time, some tax collectors concerned visit her and observed a strange smell was coming from her house. The smell came 2 weeks after Miss Emily’s daddy had actually passed away and after her kid boyfriend had actually left her. The town later concerned realize that Miss Emily’s dad had passed away two weeks earlier and they gave Miss Emily some acknowledgements. His father was everything to her, and his death brought poverty in her life. After Mr. Grierson dies, nevertheless, Miss Emily controls herself by refusing to give up his body. Doctors and preacher visited Miss Emily, talked with her, and finally, she accepted provide the body of his dad. Individuals in the town though she was insane for rejection of his dad’s body. (Nichols 160)

All that is reflected in the narrative is about the life of Miss Emily, it begins by her funnel and tells the life story of Miss Emily after her dad’s death and the life after she began dating Homer Barron.

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