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The Pinch of Poverty Comparison to the Crucible Essay


There are four main people included within this painting who are situated in the foreground. A mom is resting on a small stone wall of what seems someone’s yard. On her lap is a baby wrapped in a sling that is confined around the lady’s body. To the left of her is a young boy. He is leaning into her which reveals that they have a close bond. The 3 look as though they exist to motivate the little lady on the right who is selling flowers.

She is more than most likely the child of the seated lady and a sister to the little young boy and infant.

It is a dismal looking day as the pavers she stands upon are wet and there is a dull grey sky in the background. The mom is gazing off into the range while the young boy appreciates his sibling as she holds her daffodils. The baby on the woman’s lap seems quick asleep.

From all of these elements it can be concluded that they come from one another as a household. How significance is Formed by the Author The title of this artwork, ‘The Pinch of Hardship’, plays a crucial function in explaining what the painting is really about.

Body language, facial expression and outfit also contribute to shaping significance. ‘The Pinch of Poverty’ recommends that the people within the painting are living in a time of destitution. Their clothing are dull and darkly toned which indicates that they were not a household of wealth. None of the characters in the image are smiling which suggests that they are not happy with their existing circumstance. Nevertheless, despite the fact that their setting seems somewhat unfavorable there is that beam of optimism shown through their actions. The mother and her 2 young kids are there supporting her eldest kid.

They are located behind the small lady while she works to make whatever little money she can. Such a relationship shows that the people who enjoy you will always wait you, no matter how tough the scenarios may be. Comparison with the Set Text This type of relationship between the mom and children in the painting ‘The Pinch of Poverty’ can be ideally associated to that of all the parents and children being separated in “The Crucible”. In specific the scenario in the artwork can be closely related to that of Elizabeth Proctor and her 3 kids.

She desires the very best for her kids and in bumpy rides as these, her ability to secure them grows weak. All of the talk of witch hunts in the town of Salem has made all the general public suspicious. In turn, this has actually led to the accusing of innocent individuals. Among which is Goody Proctor. A band of officials arrive at her homestead and need she choose them to court as she has been implicated. Her partner John installs quite a fight however Elizabeth acts rather subdued. Before she leaves her house she makes sure that her children are not damaged by her lack.

Elizabeth: “John, I think I should opt for them … When the children wake, speak absolutely nothing of witchcraft– it will terrify them … Inform the kids I have actually gone to go to somebody ill.” From this quote it can be established that Elizabeth is very worried for her children’s health and wellbeing. She does not want them to fret about anything that is going on, for Elizabeth knows effectively that she is innocent. This is gotten in touch with the painting “The Pinch of Poverty” in the regard of a mother attempting to look after her children. The female is sitting there with her daughter instead of leaving her alone to keep her safe.

The other 2 children are likewise close to her and she has them in a protective position with her body and hands shielding them. Personal Reflection Mothers are instinctually protective and I have now realised how protective they can be. By not telling their children the exact truth, mothers try to secure them from being injured, terrified or disturbed. I have discovered that even though lying is not a nice thing to do it may relate to do so in certain circumstances to produce a much better result. By mothers understanding that their kids are safe they can then be delighted and feel comfy.

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