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The play The Crucible Essay


The play “The Crucible” was composed in 1952 by Arthur Miller and it was set in 1692, Salem Massachusetts. Arthur Miller wrote this play to slam the McCarthy witch hunt trials in the 1950s which were against communism. Crucible is a “Container which melts metal”. The metals are melted in an extreme heat and after that just the purest metals are left in undamaged. The tale of the play connects to one character in specific, John Proctor is evaluated in life threatening scenarios, but by the end of the play he is figured out not to betray himself he has come through the fire to be cleansed.

In the beginning of Act 2 John Proctor goes into the scene getting back from work. He enters his house and he hears Elizabeth singing to the children to put them to sleep. He then continues to the fireplace and swings out a pot out of the fire and smells it, then tastes it and adds a pinch of salt as he was not pleased with the taste.

Elizabeth then comes down and asks him in an irate and curious way where he has been all this time “What keeps you so late?

It’s nearly dark” This reveals that she thinks that John has been with Abigail whom John Proctor has had an affair with. This shows that their relationship is very cold and remote as Elizabeth does not trust him nomore. John is guilty for devoting an affair and attempts to please her in numerous methods like informing her that the food is well prepared “It’s well seasoned” but what she does not understand is that John added a bit more salt to the food so it tastes excellent.

He tries to applaud her and please her, He likewise informs her that if the crop is good he will purchase her George Jacobs heifer “if the crop is good I’ll buy George Jacobs’s Heifer” she replies like she does not actually care “aye it would” she is being cold towards John and almost does not wish to think that he remained in the field working, not with Abigail.

Later in the scene Hale gets here in John and Elizabeth’s home and asks John to inform him the commandments but he forgets one rule Infidelity however his spouse to save John advises him “Adultery, John”. This informs us Elizabeth still has sensations for John and she feels deeply for him although she is angered by him having an affair. Simply as Hale is about to leave Cheever arrives with an arrest warrant for Elizabeth for dedicating witchcraft. Cheever browses your house and finds a poppet this is then utilized versus her and she is removed.

John reacts angrily knowing she did not devote such a thing and tries to keep her from being taken away, his actions shows that he likes Elizabeth a lot and would not let anything occur to her. His action also shows that he feels guilty; he knows that Abigail has set Elizabeth up and tries to all he can to free his spouse. Looking from this and the start of Act 2 a lot of altered in John’s and Elizabeth’s relationship as to start with there relationship was cold and now it is as though they will pass away without each other.

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