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The Tone and Mood of Self Reflection in ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451


Everything within the trailer illustrates the total tone and state of mind of self reflection. The movie trailer for Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, starts with a complete shot of a major surge, and after that cuts to the scene of an innovative society all at eye level. This scene is consisted of to attract the audience’s attention, as it helps bring interest to the events leading up to the explosion. This tone of curiosity is included in the very first scene to get the audience thinking, which is crucial for the next scene as it is describing the lives of individuals in this society. Through using both full and mid shots along with high angle and eye level, you can picture the aspects of their society that are similar to our own society together with aspects that reveal, how we ultimately have the capacity of ending up being like them if we remain on a blinded course. This idea makes the scene more relatable, for that reason more engaging the audience at a higher extent. The scenes of way of life are shown in an unfavorable method intentionally in order to establish a disgraceful tone. The scene following portrays Montag is emerging as an informed being.

The short scene following illustrates Clarisse, through the use of mid shots and eye level angle with Clarisse remaining in front on the camera. This is implied to show how Clarisse is more enlightened than Montag, as well as showing how Montag is enlightened by Clarisse. Beatty is portrayed in this scene as he is essential to the book. He is revealed when the audience sees somebody burning a house down whereas your house represents Montag’s home burning which is a symbol of basically the “death” of fireman Montag and the male being Beatty. This scene likewise consists of the minute just before Montag leaps in the water and examines it. This scene in connection with the biblical recommendation made in the book and ultimately signifies pureness and rebirth. These scenes were selected as they all allude to the concept of a clean slate, and the opportunity to a have a second chance at life, which permits to communicate a tone of renewal. The following scene communicates the challenges he needed to get rid of throughout his early enlightenment phase. This scene portrays Faber through revealing his lessons, while a train is driving away from the city. This train represents the scene where Montag is trying to understand the bible, but isn’t comprehending the message of the book. Likewise, this scene includes where he is running away, and trying to avoid the city.

The use of high and eye levels angles in combination with mid and close shots, the center of attention has the ability to be placed on Montag, and shows him as somebody who is looking down upon and he is going against the culture of the society. These scenes were chosen as they display crucial milestones in Montag’s advancement as an intellectual which are important to comprehend the story and Montag’s advancement in society. The scenes of Montag attempting to break free from the influence of society conveys a tone of rebellious or mutinous. Likewise following is another surge. The purpose of this surge nevertheless, is indicated to show the ultimate effect of the society’s actions. Last but not least, Montag and his group return to the damaged city, revealed by the truck driving towards the city on fire to start a brand-new society. This is to show Montag clean slate with his group of intellectuals. The tone of this scene is meant to be hopeful, intense and positive as they basically now have a 2nd opportunity at life.

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