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Themes in the Crucible by Arthur Miller


Styles in the Crucible by Arthur Miller

The Crucible may be old however it can still associate with our society today. The styles of love, rejection, and regret are a common theme between The Crucible and society today. My very first style is love. In The Crucible Elizabeth and John Proctor are married. Although John had an affair with Abigail Williams at the end of the play Elizabeth forgave him. Initially Elizabeth would not forgive John. John was upset she would not forgive him, he stated, “Your justice would freeze beer!” (Proctor 55 ). After Elizabeth forgave John they declare their love.

Abigail Williams was envious of Elizabeth, so she accused Elizabeth or being a witch because Abigail believed that Jon loved her and didn’t enjoy Elizabeth. The important things that started all the hysteria in Salem was that people saw ladies and Tituba dancing in the woods. Tituba was leading the ladies in a love spell routine. In today’s society love in a huge style in daily life individuals make motion pictures, books about love. Some motion pictures like Titanic and Braveheart are about people discovering love and attempting to keep the people they like. There are also dating websites like Match. om and eHarmony to assist people discover love. People who are religious express love to a higher being, and they hold that love actually close to them. My second style is rejection. In The Crucible there is a lot of rejection in between Abigail Williams and John Proctor. After the affair between them John Proctor didn’t want anything to do with Abigail Williams and rejected her after that. Proctor didn’t simply reject Abigail he likewise turned down Parris. Proctor declared that he didn’t go to church because he turned down Parris’s preaching. After Proctor confessed to having an affair he stopped rejecting people.

He began to let go a little and although he was still turned down by some individuals he didn’t simply let that bother him. Rejection takes place in our world today all the time. People who dedicate a criminal offense and go to jail are normally turned down by other people in society. People who are trying to become stars and actresses are rejected due to the fact that other individuals believe that they aren’t sufficient. People constantly turn down others when others disappoint their expectations. Bullying and suicide can be an outcome of rejection. People who get bullied are generally turned down from everyone else since they aren’t precisely like everybody else. My third style is guilt.

In The Crucible Proctor felt guilty because he had an affair. Eventually he admitted to it but he still felt guilty due to the fact that he understood that it truly harmed his wife. John Hale felt guilty due to the fact that he was included with the witch hysteria. He felt guilty that innocent individuals were passing away and he wasn’t doing anything to attempt and stop it. Lots of people accused others to being guilty or being a witch but didn’t those people were actually innocent. Guilt occurs a lot in today’s world. Our court systems think everyone is innocent up until proven guilty of a crime, and is a way to help prevent the witch trials from occurring once again.

Lawyer’s today do not appear to carry guilt. They can protect people they understand did a criminal offense but still help them get away with it. You never ever really see attorney’s show guilt. Everyone on the planet experiences regret in their daily lives. Some people do the specific same thing as John Proctor, and some individuals just tell a lie and feel guilty. My conclusion is that lots of themes that are in The Crucible are the very same themes that are in our society today. The themes of love, rejection, and regret are huge parts of everyone’s life in the play and everyone’s life in our society.

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