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Things Fall Apart: The Relationship of Okonkwo to His Igbo Society


Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart The relationship of Okonkwo to his Igbo society in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart was one of pure being. Okonkwo displayed the finest examples of human qualities of what it took to be an Igbo guy. Okonkwo aims to be strong, manly, industrious, respected, and wealthy. This was Okonkwo’s inner struggle to be as different from his daddy as possible, who he believed to have been weak, effeminate, lazy, outrageous, disgraceful, and bad. Okonkwo accomplishes great social and financial success by embracing these suitables. He weds three wives and fathers several children.

He has a farm with a barn loaded with yams, his obi, and a hut for each better half. He was also a well respected clansman. Nonetheless, Okonkwo would discover that he was not able to adapt to the changing times as the white guy came to live among his individuals. It was this aversion, stubbornness, to change from his Umuofia training and his enthusiastic and fiery behavior that eventually caused Okonkwo’s undoing. From the very first chapter we checked out that “Okonkwo was well known throughout the 9 villages and even beyond. His popularity rested on strong personal accomplishments.

As a boy of eighteen he had actually brought honor to his village by throwing Amalinze the Cat. Amalinze was the terrific wrestler who for seven years was unbeaten, from Umuofia to Mbaino.” Okonkwo ruled his home with a heavy hand, great heart, however always worry of failure and weak point, like that of his dad’s. Okonkwo strove so hard to be various from his daddy, Unoka, that he was uninformed in the end his own child, Nwoye, too wishes to be various from his father, Okonkwo. In chapter three Okonkwo is viewed as an industrious farmer who impresses his clansmen with his effort that he wins their trust.

A farmer and buddy offered to Okonkwo an overall of 1200 seed yams to plant, but due to a destructive drought and awful down puts just a third of his harvest makes it. His dad attempted to console him but Okonkwo said “? Considering that I endured that year,’ he always stated? I will make it through anything.’ He put it down to his inflexible will.” This was a sign to Okonkwo’s character that he was always a man of effort, a male of action within his Iguedo town. Okonkwo in his Iguido village was constantly revered as an extremely intense warrior, a brave male, who was not scared of blood.

It was these characteristics that sadly led him to slay his step boy Ikemefuna. The Oracle had prophesized that Ikemefuna must pass away and Okonkwo’s was recommended by a senior clansman that he need to have nothing to due with Ikemefuna’s death as eliminating a fellow clansman is a serious sin in Igbo culture. However when Ikemefuna, having been cut severely, ran towards him “Okonkwo drew his machete and cut him down. He was afraid a being thought weak.” He falls under a state of depression, but accounts it to “idleness” and that if Ikemefuna had been killed at a busier time he would not distress so.

How brave and unafraid Okonkwo was of blood he was still purposely trying to be an excellent daddy. His worry of Nwoye developing into his daddy is just like many fathers wanting the best things in life for their boys. He loved his daughters too and particularly Ezinma, who he had hoped would have been born a male for she had qualities in which he liked in himself and he wished Nwoye had. He shows he is a caring daddy in Umuofia by following his other half Ekwefi when the Oracle has taken their child. He waits outside the cavern with Ekwefi until the Oracle brings Ezinma house.

Okonkwo likewise revealed his stature among the village leaders by coming from the group of egwugwu who administer the law of the land. He very much complied with these laws himself as it revealed later when he accidentally killed a fellow clansman when shooting his weapon at a standard goodbye ceremony. “The only course available to Okonkwo was to get away from the clan. It was a criminal offense versus the earth goddess to eliminate a clansman, and a guy who devoted it needs to get away from the land. The crime was of 2 kinds, male and female. Okonkwo had devoted the woman, because it had been unintended.

He could return to the clan after 7 years.” Was this Okonkwo’s end punishment for killing Ikemefuna? I believe so. After 7 years had past, Okonkwo go back to his homeland. Only he returns to find out that the white guy had actually come and made lots of changes to his Iguido town. In Okonkwo’s absence, it looks like if he took his motherlands ability to do something about it, to eliminate, with him when he left. “? Maybe I have been away too long,’ Okonkwo stated, practically to himself.? But I can not comprehend these things you inform me. What is it that has happened to out people? Why have they lost the power to eliminate?’?

Have you not heard how the white man wiped out Abame?’ asked Obierika.? I have heard,’ stated Okonkwo.? However I have actually also heard that Abame people were weak and silly. Why did they not fight back? Had they no weapons and machetes? We would be cowards to compare ourselves with the guys of Abame. Their dads had actually never ever dared to stand prior to our forefathers. We should battle these men and drive them from the land. ‘” Okonkwo withstood the new political and spiritual orders due in part to his fear of losing the social status he had worked so hard for. He would fight and crave his motherlands traditions and way of life, and he did.

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