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Things Fall Apart: The Primary Character Is a Reckless Man Called Okonkwo


Things Break Down

In the novel Things Break down, the primary character is a reckless man called Okonkwo. He is a gifted warrior and leader who fits the archetype of the tragic hero in many methods. The hero go through certain occasions that result in his increase of prominence, to fit the archetype of a terrible hero. Okonkwo increases to prominence by defeating Amanlinze the Feline in a fumbling contest, growing a big farm of yams from nothing, and helping to lead his village to lots of triumphes in war. Likewise, the audience needs to feel enormous worry and pity for this hero in order to fit the archetype, which Okonkwo’s audience feel for him.

At the end of the story Okonkwo dedicates suicide, which is a pitiful death. He killed numerous men in battle, and also had a quick mood. His anger would lead to rash choices such as harming others, sometimes including his partner. This leads to the audience’s worry of Okonkwo, a great reason he fits that part of the archetype. Another method Okonkwo fits the archetype is he experiences a turnaround in fortune. After a life time of good luck Okonkwo starts to experience difficulties, such as ending up being in exile from his tribe, his oldest boy turning on him, and his town becoming weak.

Okonkwo fits the three characteristics of the archetype of a tragic hero quite well. Okonkwo’s childhood was among absolutely nothing but embarrassment about his lazy father, which drove him to increase to prominence. From the beginning of the novel, the author describes the significance of battling to the Ibo tribes. When Okonkwo defeated Amanlinze the Cat in a fumbling contest, he became the very best wrestler in all of the nine Ibo towns. As the book stated” this male that Okonkwo included a fight which the old guys concurred was one of the fiercest given that the founder of their town engaged a spirit of the wild for 7 days and seven nights (p1). This accomplishment brought Okonkwo respect amongst the villagers. Having such respect and appreciation causes his rise of prominence. Secondly, Okonkwo had nothing to begin his yam farm off of, but with hard work, the aid of a successful clan member, and determination he is able to develop himself a great sized farm that produces large yams. In the Ibo people yam crops were the backbone of the community and anybody who had large yam crops were appreciated. This respect for his yam crops also resulted in his increase in prominence. Third, Okonkwo led the town to lots of triumphes in war, making his town the strongest of the nine. His bravery n war earned him a high status in his clan, another way he increases to prominence. Okonkwo’s is terrified of looking weak like his dad. As a result he acts rashly, bringing worry and pity to every one around him. When Okonkwo recognizes he is no longer able to work within his altering society, he kills himself. In the Ibo society, dedicating suicide is disgraceful, and if you do devote suicide you’re not buried or touched. The guys in his town had a lot respect for him and feel a lot pity for the way he has passed away. How they feel compassion for him and refuse to touch his dead body reveals that the audience has pity on him.

Also, because of Okonkwo’s great worry of being weak, he is very severe on his family. His cruelty brings fear to people around him especially his member of the family. His cruelty and anger leads him make rash choices like beating his other half during the time of peace, and trying to shoot among his other spouses when she talked back to him. Another reason Okonkwo imparts fear in the audience is the reality that he is not afraid to kill. Okonkwo is understood to be a fearless warrior who has eliminated numerous men in fight and even has the skulls of the men to prove it.

Along with the killing of his opponents he likewise ends up killing Ikemfuna, a hostage who ends up being extremely close with Okonkwo’s family and even Okonkwo himself. To show he isn’t weak he kills him, making his individuals fear him, and showing how he isn’t afraid to kill anybody. Likewise, why his audience fears him is that he eliminates the court messenger without even a reservation and along with eliminating himself. The kid named Ikemefuna who stayed as a slave with Okonkwo up until the Oracle advised the elders, this young boy coped with Okonkwo and his family for 3 years.

The kid admired Okonkwo and considered him a 2nd dad. Then the elders chose that the boy needs to be eliminated. The earliest man in the village cautioned Okonkwo, not to participate in the young boys death because it ‘d be like eliminating his own boy. Instead of seem weak to the other men of the town, Okonkwo took part in the murder of the kid. This is when Okonkwo’s reversal in fortune occurred. Soon after he accidentally eliminated somebody at a ritual funeral service event when his weapon blew up, he and his family were sent out into exile for seven years to make it up to the gods he advertisement offended. While Okonkwo is away in exile, his 2nd turnaround in fortune happens. The white males concerned the tribe Okonkwo and his family were remaining at to convert the villagers. Nwoye, Okonkwo’s eldest kid takes interest in the Christian religious beliefs since the Christians attract him by not looking down on him for factors the tribe and his father do. This results in Nwoye leaving his dad to join the Christian, and Okonkwo loosing his eldest child, a really regrettable event.

Lastly the last turnaround of fortune is, when Okonkwo returned to his village after his exile to find it a changed place due to the fact that of the presence of the white man. Okonkwo is incredibly mad about what the white males have done, and pressure his fellow villagers to begin a war versus them. When messengers of the white government attempt to stop this, Okonkwo kills among them. He understands his village has actually ended up being weak and are no longer the strong village they used to be. With this occurring Okonkwo chooses he can no longer live, which leads to him eliminating himself the final and even worse reversal of fortune.

By fitting these 3 characteristics we can see Okonkwo fits the archetype of an awful hero rather well. With his wrestling achievements, terrific yam crops, and management in war he rises to prominence. With his suicide, his cruelty on the household, and his fearlessness to eliminate his audience pities and fears him. And finally with his exile, his kids betrayal, and his village becoming weak, his fortune is reversed. Although, Okonkwo does not fit all of the points one should need to fit the archetype, he fits 3 and these 3 program why Okonkwo could thought to be a terrible hero.

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