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Summary: Things Fall Apart

Summary: Things Break down composed by Chinua Achebe checks out the coming of the white man and its effects on the culture of the people of Umuofia. The coming of the white man brought about culture dispute which impacts individuals of Umuofia’s religion, their agriculture, their judicial system and their social life.

The coming of the white male impacts the people of Umuofia’s religious beliefs and trigger culture dispute. Individuals of umuofia have lots of gods. Agbala- the oracle of the Hills and Caves.

“Individuals originate from far and near to consult it”. People consult it when they have disagreement with their neighbors and also, they can find what their future held for them from this god. Chi is likewise a personal god which evaluate people by the work of their hands. They also believed that if they say yes that their chi likewise says yes. The people of Umuofia are very obedient to their gods. They don’t fight without consulting their gods.

When a child of Umuofia was eliminated in Mbaino, they didn’t simply decide to go for war or do things by themselves; they consulted their gods and they were asked to require s lad and a virgin from the people of Mbaino. Nevertheless, if the people of Umuofia had not obeyed their gods, and had fought that they were informed not to go, they would be defeated.

Even when Okonkwo broke the week of peace by beating his youngest other half, he made the essential sacrifice as was likewise required by their god. Okonkwo also shot Ezeudu’s boy inadvertently, he needed to go on an exile for seven years which was a criminal offense against the earth goddess. If they had disobeyed the law by allowing Okonkwo to remain in the town, the people think that all the clan will be punished and their leaders said “if one finger brought oil it stained the others”. More so, the people of Umuofia do not desecrate their gods. Their egwugwu who provides justice is feared by the women and their children. Whenever the egwugwu is approaching, the women and kids always scream and escape. They also don’t unmask the masquerade. The masquerade’s identity is not known by anyone who does not come from the clan’s secret cult. The faith of individuals of Umuofia is totally various from the white man’s religious beliefs.

This scenario caused a culture conflict in between the white man and the people of Umuofia. The white man wishes to impose his religious beliefs on the people of Umuofia. The white guy believes in one God which he believes to have actually made paradise and earth. Likewise said his God made the whole world and the Umuofia’s gods. He desired individuals of Umuofia to abandon their gods and follow his own faith. The white men belittle individuals of Umuofia’s gods by saying different features of their gods. The white male states that individuals of Umuofia’s god are gods of deceit who inform them to kill their fellow and destroy innocent children. The white male states that their gods are not alive and can not do them harm and that they are made of piece of wood and stone.

Hearing and seeing all these from the white man, individuals of Umuofia were not pleased with the white man’s religion which was a reason for a culture conflict. The economy of the people of Umuofia was out in dispute with the white man’s economy. Agriculture is the source of living in Umuofia. People’s riches are based on the variety of barns they have. Peolple really work hard on their farm to make harvest. Both kids and wives help on the farm to plant yams. Individuals of Umuofia have a great scene of agriculture. For instance, throughout the planting season, Okonkwo planted his yam from the smouldering earth by making rings of thick sisal leaves around them. This yam is so precious to them that they commemorate a Fest of the New Year which was held every year before the harvest began to honor the earth goddess and the ancestral spirits of the clan. On the other hand, the white guy was more thinking about earning money.

They made the farming useless due to the fact that their convert can utilize cash to buy the yams. Kids no longer farm, they goes to school which was constructed by the white man. “The white guy has actually likewise brought a government and a system of running it”. They likewise brought their own trade. These causes a culture dispute because the Umuofia’s financial worth was disvalued. The white male set his own economy above their cash crop; consequently minimizing them to poverty. Abundant people were reduced to bad, everything they work extremely tough for will be bought with cash. The coming of the white guy likewise impacts the kind of justice in Umuofia. In Umuofia, everyone understands the law. The egwugwu is the greatest and final court in Umuofia. They don’t have lawyers and they don’t inform liars when reporting their cases before the egwugwu.

There judgment is based upon the real proof. This can be seen when Uzowulu and Mgbafo came before the egwugwu to settle their disagreement. Each of them stands at various direction to mention their cases. “The egwugwu went to consult together in their home”. The egwugwu settle their disagreement and they were all satified with it. Although Uzowulu understands the law about beating his other half, he will not listen to any other choice except from the egwugwu. Nevertheless, the white guy’s type of justice is various, just the interpreters and the whites knows the guidelines. They alos had developed a court where the District Commissioner judge cases in lack of knowledge. The white guy had court messengers who brought men to him for trial. “The court messengers secure the prison, which had plenty of men who had actually offended against the white man’s laws”.

The court messengers beat the detainees and made them to work every morning clearing the government substance and bring wood for the white commissioner and the court messengers. Aneto and Oduche were combating a land, when Aneto killed Oduche, the white man judge this case by hanging Aneto to death and putting his family in the prison. One may think that individuals of Umuofia’s social life were not impacted but it was because of the culture conflict which was brought on by the white male. The people of Umuofia form the in an hierarchy standard, that is, the dad is at the top, followed by their better halves, and children. Kids fear their moms and dads. Likewise, their warriors were also feared and appreciated. For example, Okonkwo defeated a wrestler at the age of eighteen and was put at a greater level. Although, he was still young, everybody respected him. “At an early age, Okonkwo had accomplished fame as the greatest wrestler in all the land.”

The castaways or osu are individuals they devote to a god, they will not marry nor be married by the free-born. They reside in a special location of the village, near the Great Shrine. They are the bottom of ladder children, and they were not to combine with the free-born in any way. On the other hand, the social life of the white male is totally different from that of the people of Umuofia which also lead to a culture dispute. The outcast or osu which are at the lower level in the village are now really essential individuals. They made the rich poor and the bad abundant. The clans were really abundant however after the coming of the white guy, they were bad and the outcast that was nobody was now abundant. The white guy allowed them to blend with free-born. Mr Kiaga informed the church member that wanted to chase after the castaway from the church that “they are all kids of God and they must receive these their bro”.

He likewise shaved the osu’s long and twisted hair prior to they were fully member of the church. White guy likewise destroy the hierarchy of the people of Umuofia, Umoye who feared his daddy before the coming of the white guy, disrespected his daddy after signing up with the white man’s religious beliefs. He no longer talk or visit his dad. “He told Mr. Kiaga that he had decided to go to Umuofia, where the white missionary had actually set up a school to teach young Christians to check out and compose. Their interpreters who individuals of Umuofia know as weak people and not very strong, originated from the village were they fear the warriors of Umuofia. Those are individuals that are now analyzing words to them.

“The white spoke through an interpreter who was an Ibo man though his dialect was various and harsh to the ears of Mbanta”. The white male humiliated the leaders of Umuodia. When they put them in jail, their hair was shaved and their hands were handcuffed. “During the night the messenger came in to taunt them and to knock their shaved heads together”. The coming of the white guy cause culture conflict in individuals of Umuofia’s religious beliefs, their agriculture, their system of justice and their social life. The white guy is ethnocentric and there was likewise language and non-understanding of culture barrier.

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