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Things Fall Apart: Individuals in Umofia


Umofia is a location where individuals have a various lifestyle then there remains in a modern society. Individuals in Umofia are both civilized and savage at the very same time. There are both of the civilized and savage sides of the society but mostly they are old-fashion minded. For instance, in Ibo society they do not worth women at all, they are not equivalent by laws, they do not have any defense or any rights, and so on. I am going to specify the terms civilized and savage first of all.

First of all, a civilized society has laws that are reasonable for people’s own security.

In a civilized society, individuals should be complimentary and be able to make their own choices. In Ibo society, sometimes-even guys are not allowed to provide their own choices and I believe Umofia is just civilized in some methods. In a civilized society, everyone have equivalent rights like; speaking and believing easily, revealing freely, being able to make your own choices.

Also, there must be certain rules, laws and punishments to safeguard the people. In Ibo society there are no laws to safeguard individuals and just guys and high status people have their own liberty.

For instance, females have no value or any type of right to protect their selves, for men females are just able to give birth to children and do home jobs and men are beating them or the kids greatly as they desire. Second of all, a savage society is a society, which is not domesticated or cultivated, to put it simply kind of barbaric. In “Things Break Down” we can see in lots of manner ins which the Ibo society is not civilized at all and there is a savage system going on in the society. There is no justice between individuals, the weak has no worth amongst the society and just the strongest wins and gets some things.

The trials, social and family rituals, the marital relationship customs, preparation processes for food production, management in the community religions are all symbolizing the savageness in the society. In my viewpoint, Ibo people that Okankwo comes from are absolutely a savage community. Since they have different traditions, faith thinks and they have no laws or guidelines to secure people. Being a civilized community is most significantly having self-protection. For example, the Ibo individuals who resides in Okankwo’s town have very uncivilized beliefs, such as killing twins, leaving sick eople to death, they do not give any value to women and they kill who ever they wish to eliminate.

So we can see from here that they do not have any self-protection. The very best example for that is Okankwo, he eliminated Ikemefuna to prove that he is a powerful men and he does not provide anybody any worth. They also have punishments for the ones who make mistakes in important occasions, such as The Weak Of Peace; in the weak of peace every bad habit is forbidden. When Okankwo beats his other half in the weak of peace he get punishment from the elders.

They believe more than one god and everyone has their own chi. Likewise, they have different ways to avoid war. For example, when a woman got killed from Umofia in another town, to prevent from a possible war, the Ibo society desired a virgin and a lag from the other town. In conclusion, Okankwo’s village is a savage neighborhood. Individuals are not equal, they are violent and they believe only men are valuable. In my opinion, in a civilized community you require to be safe and have equal rights and laws to safeguard you. People who live in Umofia are all old fashion-minded.

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