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Things Fall Apart, Fate


Things Fall Apart, Fate

Destiny Takes A Toll While reading Things Fall Apart it is necessary to realize that in the end it is not Okonkwo’s options however in fact fates work that brought Okonkwo’s life to his tragic end. Given that the day Okonkwo is born fate is not on his side. His dad is a no one, Okonkwo accidently killing a clan member and his child Nwoye transforming to Christianity can all be shown to show it is in fact fate’s work and to reveal he has definitely no say in his awful end. Destiny is a debatable subject but it is clear that Okonwko has no option in these three occasions.

He can not choose whether these occasions take place, they are destined upon him. Moreover, when an individual is destined, they can not choose the outcome, it is just brought upon them. This is what took place to Oknonkwo. Throughout the very first chapter Achebe teaches us all about Okonkwo, however more notably, his daddy Unoka. Unoka is a failure in Umofia, “he [is] bad and his wife and children ha [ve] barley enough to eat”( 5 ). He is a male without any titles, does not have several partners and is not understood as a warrior. “Unoka was never ever pleased when it concerned wars.

He was in truth a coward and could not bear the sight of blood”( 6 ). For that reason, because his daddy does not go far for himself and is not strong like a warrior, Okonkwo is predestined for failure. Like father like child. Achebe shows this by convincing the audience that Okonkwo overcomes his fathers curse by having lots of titles. Although this is true, it causes him to live his life in worry of being the man his father is. Okonkwo lives with this his whole life stuck in the back of his mind. This triggers Okonkwo to do the specific opposite of what his father does.

Even when it comes down to farming, the clan of Umofia knows Unoka “for the weak point of [his] machete and [his] hoe. When [his] next-door neighbors go out with their ax to cut down virgin forests, [he] plant [‘s] [his] yams on exhausted farms that take no labor to clear”( 17 ). This effect on Okonkwo alters who he actually is. Whenever he makes a decision, his id (unconscious mind) gets managed by his ego (what other people think about him), that makes him imitate somebody he is not. This is shown through his father. He does not desire his clan mates to see him as they see his father.

Unoka’s failure triggers Okonkwo to make choices that are violent and mad due to the fact that his father is the specific reverse of those qualities. Because he makes these violent decisions it is easy to see that he is destined for his tragic end since of his daddy. His father is a symbol and foreshadows what Okonkwo does to himself. When thinking about the subject destiny, it is very important to realize the person who it is affecting has no say or choice in what takes place to them. It is merely destined to happen because of one reason or another.

This can be perfectly shown in Things Fall Apart when Okonkwo’s gun takes off at Ezudu’s funeral service. This leads to the accidental death of Ezudu’s sixteen-year-old child. In Umofia “violent deaths [are] frequent, however absolutely nothing like this [has] ever occurred”( 124 ). Okonkwo is the very first to do such a thing; therefore he does not understand what is going to happen. It produces undesirable fear. Although Achebe explains the occasion is a mishap, it shows and proves that Okonkwo is never ever supposed to be among the leading leaders of his clan. His life is destined to stop working due to the fact that he now needs to vacate his town back to his motherland.

Okonkwo recognizes in Umofia “it [is] a crime versus the earth goddess to eliminate a clansman, and a male who [commits] it needs to leave from the land”( 124 ). In addition he is significantly dissatisfied due to the fact that “his life [has] been ruled by an excellent enthusiasm to turn into one of the lords of the clan. That [has] been his life-spring. And he [has] all but attained it. Then everything [is] broken. He [has] been cast out of his clan like a fish onto a dry, sandy beach, panting”( 130 ). Okonkwo obviously does not want his weapon to go off throughout the funeral, once again, you can not control fate.

Achebe utilizes the example of a fish being erupted onto a beach to describe what is occurring to Okonkwo. Okonkwo is brand-new to the situation like a fish on land is. He does not know his environments, what to do and how to repair it. He tries whatever to repair the circumstance, however he just can not do anything therefore he begins to pant. The result of this event causes Oknokwo to be remote from his initial clan. The Europeans are then able to convert a few of the Umofian clan members to Christianity. In the end, Okonkwo hangs himself since of the Europeans.

If Okonkwo’s gun does not go off, who knows what the Umofia clan would do to the Europeans. Lastly, it is rather interesting and essential to take into account the actions of Okonkwo’s first child Nwoye. During the novel we find out that Okonkwo tires to teach Nwoye numerous things. All his efforts are failures since “Nwoye [resembles] his grandfather, Unoka, who [is] Okonkwo’s dad. He [pushes] the considered of his mind”( 153 ). This is not how Okonkwo wants his boy to be like. Whenever his grandpa enters his mind, he gets worried and uneasy. When this occurs he thinks of all the accomplishments he has actually done.

Okonkwo is provided a son he does not want at all; in truth he believes to himself, “how [did] I [get] a child like Nwoye, degenerate and effeminate? Perhaps he [is] not my son. No! [H] e could not be”( 153 ). To make matters worse, later on in the unique Nwoye converts to Christianity. Interesting enough, Okonkwo when again has no say or option in this event. It is fate that is brought upon him. This causes Okonkwo to gain a lot more hatred towards the Europeans and wishes to eliminate them a lot more then he already does. One time “as Okonkwo beinged in his hut that night, gazing into a log fire, he studied the matter.

A sudden fury increased within him and he felt a strong desire to take up his machete, go to the church and eliminate the whole vile and miscreant gang”( 152 ). The destiny of his child’s conversion to Christianity ultimately is what causes his thoughts and actions, which then lead him to his awful end. Achebe uses imagery like the fire to assist show Okonkwo’s anger towards the circumstance. Also this quote reveals that he has an extremely short mood and does not think twice before he acts. It is essential to realize that in the end it is not Okonkwo’s options but in reality fate that brought Okonkwo’s life to his terrible end.

Okonkwo is very first born into a family where the daddy is a failure, and after that to make matters worse he accidently kills a boy and gets banned. This is not all; lastly, his son Nwoye resembles his grandpa much more than before and chooses to convert to Christianity. This all occurs prior to the blink of an eye for Okonkwo. The harsh reality is he has absolutely no option or choice for these occasions happening. Can this maybe associate with real life? It is on a regular basis that the concern why me is asked. Then to seek a response however there is none, the individual is left unhappy and uneasy. The response is Fate.

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