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Things Fall Apart Literary Analysis: Okonkwo and His Dad


Things Break Down (Literary Analysis)

Things Fall Apart Literary Analysis Okonkwo and his dad, Unoka, were two very different individuals. With simply one wife and nothing to leave to his only kid, Unoka was viewed as a failure in the eyes of his town. Okonkwo, however, ended up being an entitled male with three spouses and a successful harvest every season. He was well respected in his community, in spite of his impulsive propensities and rigidness. Although he disliked Unoka, Okonkwo would not have grown to be the guy that he did if it weren’t for his dad. Okonkwo understood his daddy’s persistent laziness maturing and he knew firsthand the consequences of that sort of way of life.

He gained from Unoka’s errors, and as an adult attempted to become the opposite of him. “Okonkwo was ruled by one enthusiasm- to dislike whatever his dad had liked. One of those things was gentleness and another was idleness.” He didn’t wish to be judged based upon the faults his daddy, and he proved that he was indeed everything Unoka was not: Strong, successful, identified and hardworking. Okonkwo likewise lived in perpetual worry of being perceived as weak, as his dad had been. This fear drove him to do careless things such as kill Ikemefuna, who had related to Okonkwo as a father-figure. Dazed with worry, Okonkwo drew his machete and cut him down. He was afraid of being believed weak.” Such spontaneous actions proved him to be hard on the outside, however just weakened him on the inside. Okonkwo came to love Ikemefuna like a child, since he was much more like himself than his own biological son, Nwoye. Nevertheless, he would never show his affection and later on ended up being deeply depressed by what he ‘d done. Nwoye, too, chose an extremely various course than his daddy. Okonkwo constantly thought Nwoye slouched and womanly, much like Unoka. “‘… I have done my best to make Nwoye turn into a man, however there is too much of his mother in him. ‘Too much of his grandfather,’ Obierika thought, however he did not say it. The same idea also pertained to Okonkwo’s mind.” Later in Nwoye’s life, he defied his daddy’s wishes and joined the Christian church. Upon hearing this news, Okonkwo disowned him as a kid. I think this reveals that how we’re raised considerably influences the people we become as adults. Okonkwo, who’s father didn’t have numerous expectations of him, created high expectations for himself. Nevertheless, Nwoye failed to satisfy Okonkwo’s high standards and eventually gave up on trying to please him.

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