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Things Fall Apart Women Roles


Things Fall Apart Ladies Roles

Ladies today play significant functions in society, however were it like that 100 years back? Was it like everywhere around the world? Crazes break down by Chinua Achebe shows us that despite the fact that females in Umofia don’t play a huge function, they are crucial part of daily Igbo Society life. Women in igbo society are a little group without any power who were to be moms, stay at home and had no regard from the male figure. Women played the role of a normal house partner and constantly stayed at home and were not constantly heard of or were to be seen. The authority of females didn’t reveal much in the culture.

One of the better halves of Okonkwo who represents this is Ekwefi; second partner, and forced to stay home, life filled with sadness and with dreadful luck with keeping a child. Bring to life ten and only one enduring who is a girl, though she keeps a strong relationship with Ezinma. Committing her life to Ezinma and treating her life a presius present. Achebe explains Ekwefi as a higly devoted mom. We see that in the book as a role of a woman is to listen to the guy of your home and to not ask concerns however to simply listen to what they required to do. arly in the story, when Okonkwo brings Ikemefuna into his house, Okonkwo tells his better half that Ikemefuna comes from their people and that she is responsible for him and to take care of him. She asks him if he will be sticking with them for a very long time, This question makes Okonkwo mad. He reveals his anger towards her questioning, and asks her “When did you turn into one of the seniors of Umuofia?” this making women look weak in scoeity, and making her look little and unimportant.

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