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Things Fall Apart…Chapter One(1)


Things Break Down … Chapter One( 1 )

Things Break Down Chapters 1-3 World Lit. Period 2 Julio Corral 1/12/11 In the beggining chapters of the book called “Things Fall Apart,” there is a huge misconception in between Unoka and his boy Okonkwo. Their conflict is based upon Unokas unprodictuve habits. Okonkwo on the other hand is an extremely strong and hard working guy. Okonkwo is ashamed to say that his daddy is the lazyest man on the town. Unoka sits throughout the day and plays his flute while everyone else is out in the yam fields working their butts off. Even hard Unoka is an extremely lazy guy, his child Okonkwo determines a way to get a completely various credibility around his village.

Okonkwo turns into one of the most wealthiest male in his village. If there is something Okonkwo hesitates of is becoming anything like his dad. Okonkwo was popular throughout the nine towns and beyond. All of his fame rested on all his individual achivements. He was very first acknowledged at the age of eighteen when he tossed Amalinze the cat off the village. Amalize was a great wrestler that had never been beaten in battle. Unoka was a debtor, he owed every neighbor some cowries to quite substancial quantities. Unoka was the sort of guy that dosen’t like to save money, he prefers to enjoy it while you’re still alive.

Unoka was generally a failure, his partner and children had barely sufficient to consume. He was always borrowing cash from everybody. The whole village laughed at him they called him a loafer. They all swore never ever to provide him any cash due to the fact that he never ever payed back. Unoka was such a mastermind at borrowing that he always prospered in obtaining more, this triggered his debts to accumulate. Okonkwo’s prosperity was visible in his family. Okonkwo had a large barn, which was surrounded by thick red walls constructed of dirt. Unoka hardly owned his house. Okonkwo didn’t get a head star in life as the majority of oung males did.

He did not inharet a barn or any yams, not even a wife. Okonkwo needs to star from scratch, he couldnt even inhaet a title around the villages’ society. The only thing that his daddy might havegiven him was debts, and individual failures. Even when his daddy lived okonkwo was laying the foundations for a flourishing future. What i believe embarrassed Okonkwo the most was the tragic story of his father. There was a sroty about Okonkwo’s dad going around the village called Umufia. The story said that Okonkwo’s father Unoka, had actually gone to consult the Oracle of the Holls and the Caves.

Unoka wished to find out why he had constantly got a miserable harvest. Unoka informs his story to Agbala, after a while Agbala tells him “You have actually not offended neither the gods nor your fathers. And when a guy is at peace with his gods and forefathers, his harvest will be great or bad according to the strenth of his arms. You, Unoka, are know in all the clan for the weaknees of your machete and your hoe. When your next-door neighbors head out o cut down the virgin forests, you plant your yams on exhausted farms that take no labor to clear.

They cross seven rivers to make their farms; you remain at house and offer sacrifices to an unwilling soil. Go hoome and work like a male.” These were the Oracles specific word to Unoka. Whenever someone heard this story they would laught at Unoka. To settle this, a parent can influence his or her child in ways you can’t think of. To us our parents are a symbol of regard and sometimes even wiseness. The mayority of us constantly admire our moms and dads, for particular events they have done for our much better, or for the simple reality that they brought to life us.

But not can they only influence us in excellent ways, they can likewise point us on the wrong direction. Our moms and dads possibly a set of alcohilics, they may not know it but they are almost informing you that drinking is alright. Another case might be if you wish to attempt alcohol and your parents tell you it’s bad, and after that you still do it, thats is not their fault beacause you took the decition to drink, even when they informed you it was unhealthy. In my case i believe that parents can have a strong impact on what we believe or do, unless you refuse to become what they are, or what their living standards are.

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