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To Kill a Mockingbird- Atticus Values (Incomplete)


To Eliminate a Mockingbird- Atticus Values (Insufficient)

To Eliminate a Mockingbird 1. To Eliminate a Mockingbird is about Atticus Finch and his values. Talk about whether this is true and how Harper Lee has crafted Atticus as the main character. In the book To Eliminate a Mockingbird it holds true that it has actually been crafted to be focused around Atticus Finch and his values. Atticus shows numerous worths throughout the book, such as justice, respect, corage, equality between white and black individuals, and being a great dad for Scout and Jem Finch, which comes under duty. Atticus is likewise the ethical main character.

Among the worths that Atticus Finch has is justice. Justice is where you deal with something maturely and fairly. Atticus reveals justice a lot throughout the book, but particular events in the book is where you really notice his justice worth. These events include Tom Robinson and the justice value is quite apparent from the mentioning of the trial and continues up until the end of the book where the justice gets served. An example of justice prior to the first day of the trial involves one of the first discusses of Tom Robinson.

At the start of chapter 9 on page 82, Lee writes about Cecil Jacobs told Scout that her dad defended ‘niggers’. When Scout discusses all of it to Atticus, he explains to use the word ‘Negro’ and discuss how he is defending one. “‘You indicate if you didn’t safeguard that male, Jem and me wouldn’t have to mind you anymore?’ ‘That’s about ideal’ ‘Why?’ ‘Due to the fact that I might never ever ask you to mind me once again. Scout, just by the nature of the work, every attorney gets at least one case in his life time that affects him personally. This one’s mine I think.” -Atticus speaking to Scout about why he is defending a Negro (Chapter 9, page 84) With the description that Atticus offered Scout, this affects Scout the next day to leave a physical fight with Cecil Jacobs. A second worth that Atticus displays is regard. “You never ever actually understand an individual till you consider things from his point of view– till you climb up into his skin and walk around in it” -Chapter 3, page 33 The quote from page 33 in chapter 3 is a perfect example of a type of regard, and that’s to not evaluate another person.

When Atticus states that quote to Scout, he is trying to teach her not to judge someone till you have climbed up into their skin and walked around to experience how that individual, that you are judging, feels. Another value that Atticus shows in the book is equality. He deals with everybody the same, no matter what colour skin an individual may have, or what nationality they are. Some characters call Atticus a ‘nigger fan’ which is due to the fact that he does not alienate African-Americans and actually treats them how he would deal with everyone else.

Atticus is not racist, he motivates everybody, particularly his children, to deal with everyone the same. He does not judge anyone on the colour of their skin and sees the excellent in people. “As you get older you’ll see white guys cheat black guys everyday of your life, but let me inform you something and do not forget it– whenever a white man does that to a black guy, no matter who he is, how rich he is, of how great a household he originates from, that white man is trash” -Chapter 23, page 243

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