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To Kill A Mockingbird Empathy Essay


To Kill A Mockingbird Compassion Essay

Compassion In To Kill a Mockingbird You never ever actually know a guy up until you stand in his shoes and walk around them. In To Eliminate a Mockingbird by Harper Lee the characters see individuals in different ways then they generally see them. In this book the story happens in Maycomb, Alabama. Scout Finch the main character is a girl who’s daddy, Atticus is a legal representative who safeguards a black male Tom Robinson. Scout’s sibling Jem and her good friend Dill soon find out the real side of their town. In this book the characters Scout, Atticus, and Auntie Alexandre revealed empathy.

Auntie Alexandre, aunt of Scout and Jem, shows compassion in this book. For example she had empathy for Jem. She showed compassion for Jem when he broke his arm from falling and she took care of him and saw how and why he got harmed. Also she revealed empathy for Atticus. When Atticus lost the Tom Robinson case Auntie Alexandre felt bad for him and understood how he attempted really difficult to try winning the case. “It Tears him to pieces. He doesn’t show it much but it tears him to pieces”( 316 ). This quote describes how Aunt Alexandre felt towards Atticus when he lost the case.

In conclusion Auntie Alexandre showed empathy towards Atticus and Jem. Scout showed empathy for people in this book. One way she showed empathy was for Burris Ewell. On the very first day of school Scout observed Burris Ewell and soon learnt he only went to school when a year and she didn’t comprehend that. Atticus told her why and she then understood. Another example Scout revealed empathy was for Boo Radley. When Boo conserved Scout and Jem Boo later asked scout to take him house and scout did. When Scout based on his porch she saw what Boo would see out of his window and she might see all of town.

Boo felt overwhelmed. “Atticus was right. One time he stated you never ever actually understand a man until you stand in his shoes and walk in them”( 374 ). This is what Scout thought after strolling Boo home. Boo felt overloaded. On the entire Scout showed empathy for Boo and Burris. Atticus showed compassion to other characters in this book. For example Atticus had compassion for Mayella. He showed compassion when Mayella showed her side of the Tom Robinson case and saw how Mayella said Tom raped her and that she does not get much help around your home. Another example of Atticus showing compassion was with Tom Robinson.

Atticus safeguarded Tom in the case in which Tom was prosecuted of rape. Atticus heard Toms side of the case and Tom informed him how he was terrified when this occurrence happened. “Mr. Finch if you was a negro like me, you ‘d be frightened, too”( 261 ). In summary, this book by Harper Lee Scout, Atticus, and Auntie Alexandre revealed empathy. Auntie Alexandre reveals empathy in this book for Atticus and Jem. Scout reveals empathy for Burris and Boo. Atticus shows compassion for Tom and for Mayella. You never ever will understand a person and comprehend what their sensation up until you see it through their own eyes.

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