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To Eliminate A Mockingbird Analysis from jems see

!.?.!? To Kill a Mockingbird Writing Assignment “Ain’t it a very long time?” Scout asked me as we were waiting for the Jury to come to a verdict. “Sure is, Scout,” I stated happily since I understood when it took a long time for jurors to make a decision that they were putting the evidence into factor to consider. I knew that they would prove him innocent Atticus offered the Jurors no reason to believe other smart. Mayella’s testament didn’t match up with the realities. “This court will come to buy” Mr.

Tate said as everyone’s heads jerked up. He left the room and returned with Tom Robinson. As I viewed the Jury make it’s way back in the court space I noticed that not one of the Jurors made eye contact with Tom Robinson, being a lawyers son I understand that suggests that Tom Robinson most likely had been founded guilty. Tom being founded guilty doesn’t make good sense since of all the proof Atticus produced stating that Tom Robinson could not have actually bruised the ideal side of Mayella’s face.

In order to bruise the right side of her face he would have needed to lead with his left hand and Tom Robinson’s left hand is worthless due to an old accident. On the other hand, Mr. Ewell leads with his left. I gripped the veranda rail as hard as I could as Judge Taylor began polling the Jury. “Guilty, guilty, guilty,” the judge checked out. I gripped the railing harder and harder and jerked my shoulders back as if I was getting stabbed with each conviction. It felt as if my entire understanding of the world had actually altered with that one word.

Each time he read Tom’s conviction my mind traveled to the obvious inconsistencies in Mayella’s statement, “why would she lie?” When the Judge was done talking Atticus stood, put on his coat and quickly made his way to the south door. I made my way through the crowd angrily as tears hurried down my hot face. I could not comprehend how they might do this and why. “This isn’t right,” I muttered over and over, all the way to the corner of the square where Atticus was waiting. “It ain’t right, Atticus,” I stated frustratedly. No kid, it’s not right.” When we got home my aunt was waiting up for us. She didn’t seem phased by the wrongful conviction. She told Atticus that she was sorry that he lost the case. I kept admiring Atticus as he spoke to her. I questioned if he believed it was his fault for Tom Robinson’s convictions. “How could they do it, how could they?” I asked Atticus as he got up to go to bed.” I do not understand, however they did it. They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it once again and when they do it– appears that only children weep.

Good night.” When I woke up I still didn’t under stand how all 12 Jurors could convict an innocent male. I thought Maycomb was the safest town worldwide, however this makes me think in a different way. This isn’t fair, or right. Atticus informed us that we’re not done and that there was still an appeal. If he loses his appeal and the Guv does not commutes his sentence, he’ll go to the chair. An innocent man should not died for a criminal activity he didn’t dedicate. Nobody in Maycomb appreciates that, they don’t feel guilty. That’s what I do not comprehend.

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