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To Kill a Mockingbird- Is Atticus Finch a Good Father?


To Kill a Mockingbird- Is Atticus Finch an Excellent Father?

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird portrays Attic’s Finch as a great father to his children due to his sense of fairness, his teaching, and his honesty. Attic’s illustrates fairness by treating his kids and all others with respect and understanding. He teaches his kids crucial life lessons and prepares them for when they head out into the world, and he sets a fine example by always being honest. To be a good father, these are three really important qualities to possess.

Attic’s Finch’s fairness shows that he is a good dad totes and Scout due to the fact that instead of simply rejecting is children’s of everything they ask him, he allows them an opportunity to discuss and uses a compromise. For instance, in the scene where Scout informs Attic’s that she does not want to go to school anymore. He states to her, “Do you understand what a compromise is?” Scout asks him if it is bending the law. He responds, “No, an arrangement of mutual concessions. If you’ll concede the necessity of going to school, we’ll go on reading every night just as we always have. Is it a deal? (Lee 31 This quote from To Eliminate a Mockingbird contributes to the reader’s sense of Attic’s’ fairness because rather Han requiring Scout, he gives her the choice on whether or not to accede. Attic’s knows that there is actually no question of Scout going to school, however lets her express her viewpoint anyways so that he can totally understand her thinking. This shows him being an excellent daddy because he is thinking with her and treating her like an adult. Another manner in which Attic’s’ fairness depicts him as being a great dad is that Attic’s always includes his children in crucial decisions.

For instance, when Attic’s comes home the night that Auntie Alexandra gets here, he asks Scout, “Hood you like for her to come cope with us?” (Lee 128). By Attic’s asking this question, he takes a choice including Scout and gives her the choice to speak her mind. This reveals that Attic’s is being reasonable since he is giving Scout the chance to tell him what she consider Aunt Alexandra relocating. Attic’s has rely on his kids, and thinks that they are fully grown enough to understand what they desire, and to make their own decisions.

Attic’s’ fairness likewise shows he is a good dad because he thinks that everybody is worthy of an opportunity to be understood and all have reasons or their actions. For example, after revealing the news to Gem and Scout of Tom’s death, he states, “Depends on how you take a look at It. What was one Negro, more or less, among two numerous ‘me? He wasn’t Tom to them, he was a leaving prisoner” (Lee 235). This passage reveals Attic’s fairness because he always attempts to put himself in other individuals’s shoes in order to provide everyone a possibility at being comprehended, as he teaches Gem and Scout to do.

He quit his reputable credibility among a lot of the whites in Macomb to safeguard Tom Robinson, and still speaks extremely of the males who eliminated him. When he states this, he Is attempting to make the kids see that the guys who eliminated Tom did not understand him as a person, however as a Negro who committed a crime, so can not be discriminated upon for doing their Job. Together with Attic’s’ sense of fairness, his Teaching likewise characterizes him as a good father totes and Scout. Attic’s Finch’s mentor reveals that he is a good daddy totes and Scout because en describes things that the chi Eider do not comprehend.

Of example, when Attic’s and Scout concur that they will go on reading every night, Attic’s says, “I hesitate our activities would be gotten with significant aspiration by the more learned authorities.” Scout says, “Huh, Sir?” Attic’s explains, “l never went to school, however I sense that if you inform Miss Caroline we checked out every night, she’ll get after me, and I wouldn’t desire her after me” (Lee 31). This passage shows that Attic’s is an excellent dad due to the fact that he does not dumb down his language to what he believes his kids will comprehend.

He is constantly happy to explain when they have questions about anything or do not comprehend something he states. This helps Gem and Scout to gradually learn more complex vocabulary. Attic’s knows that his kids are wise adequate to understand his option of phrasing, even if he has to describe it to them a little more, and that by teaching them they will eventually learn to understand completely on their own. Attic’s’ teaching also reveals that he is a good daddy because he reads with Scout every night.

For instance, after dinner on the night after Scout’s very first day of school, Attic’s sat down with the paper and called, “Scout, prepared to check out?” (Lee 29). This reveals that Attic’s is a good daddy since he teaches Scout how to check out at an early age and continues to alp her practice by reading the newspaper with her every night. Seemingly, you can see that Attic’s values teaching his children due to the fact that he reads with Scout each and every single night. Not just does this help Hunt discover to check out, however this is a great way for Attic’s to hang out with her every day. This costs time and as a busy attorney, time is really valuable to Attic’s.

Attic’s Finch’s mentor also identifies him as a great daddy due to the fact that he teaches his children to be respectful and treat everybody with fairness. For example, in the scene when Walter Cunningham came over to the inch’s house for lunch, he drowned his food in syrup and Scout asks “what the Sam hill is he doing?” Attic’s shook his head at her for the 2nd time and she opposes, “However he’s gone and drowned his dinner in syrup. He’s poured everything over-“(Lee 24). This quote reveals Attic’s’ teaching due to the fact that Scout is being rude all throughout the meal and Attic’s informs her to stop.

Just because she thinks Walter had too much syrup on his plate, she started to make a fuss, however Attic’s quickly silenced her with a shake of his head. Scout does not comprehend that Walter does things differently than he does. Attic’s is trying to teach her that Even if Walter is different than she is, does not offer her the right to act like she is much better than him. This shows that he is an excellent dad because he is setting an example for Gem and Scout to be respectful and to not Judge people Even if they are various. Along with Attic’s’ teaching, his sincerity likewise shows how he is excellent daddy to Gem and Scout.

Attic’s Finch’s sincerity shows that he is an excellent dad to Gem and Scout since he knows that he is going to lose the case, but still tries his hardest to protect Tom Robinson. For example, when Attic’s informs Scout about the case, she asks, “Attic’s, are we going to win it?” “No honey’, Attic’s responses. “Then why-“, Scout started. Attic’s states, “Merely since we were licked a century prior to we started is no factor for us not to try to win” (Lee 76). This shows Attic’s’ sincerity since he is being honest with both himself and Scout, understanding effectively that he is not going to win his case.

He does not put false hope in anybody’s mind and does not lie to himself. This is substantial because even though en is being called names like “Niger Enthusiast”, Attic’s does what he understands to be right, although he will not be successful. He defends Tom Robinson with every shred of sincerity he has, taking the names people are calling him and making them out to be compliments, which sets an exceptional example for Gem and scout to follow. Likewise, Attic’s is sincere with his kids when they ask him concerns that may be difficult to explain to young children.

For example, the night that Gem and Scout went into town, Scout was reminded of a concern she forgot to ask Attic’s. She asked, “What’s rape?” Attic’s replies, “… Rape is a carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent” (Lee 135). This passage shows Attic’s’ sincerity due to the fact that he doesn’t shake off the concern, he provides Scout an affordable answer. Another moms and dad might avoid the question because they believe their children can’t handle it, but Attic’s understands that Scout is fully grown enough to handle it and that it is better to offer a sincere response instead of trick her.

This is being a good father since he is making scout aware that rape is not an advantage, and preparing her in case she ever were to experience a circumstance where it would be valuable to understand what rape is. Attic’s’ sincerity likewise shows that he is a good dad due to the fact that he deals with issues and believes in taking duty for your actions. For instance, when Attic’s is speaking with Heck Tate about the Gem and the stabbing of Bob Lowell, he says, “… Nobody’s hushing this up. I don’t live that method. “” I don’t want my young boy starting out with something like this over his head. Finest way to clarify is to have everything exposed” (Allele).

This example shows that Attic’s is an excellent daddy because he does not attempt to hush this issue up, despite the fact that Gem is his own child. In this quote, Attic’s and Heck are discussing whether Gem really stabbed Bob or not. Attic’s believes he did it in self-defense. Heck is stating that he might hush it up if he wants to, so that nobody finds out about it, but Attic’s wishes to get everything visible, so that Gem doesn’t feel guilty for the rest of his life. This reveals Attic’s’ honesty due to the fact that he would rather everyone understand the truth than to cover up what occurred with lies. Attic’s states, “l do not live that way’, implying he lives a sincere life.

He is being a great daddy because this way, Gem can let it go and now that he not did anything incorrect, not needing to bring the regret for his whole life. Specific qualities and characteristics go into the making of every excellent father, and the presentation of these can be even more essential than the quantity of time spent with his kids. To Kill a Mockingbird shows that Attic’s Finch holds all of these qualities. Harper Lee did an exceptional Job of depicting him with a sense of fairness, the ability to teach his kids how to be excellent people, and a truthful nature, all of these qualities contributing to the reason he is a good dad.

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