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To Kill a Mockingbird Outline


To Eliminate a Mockingbird Overview

Outline: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover I. Invite to Monroeville, Alabama and likewise the 50th yearly “Mockingbird Conference” for the book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. a. Now think of, during the 1930’s, that you belonged to the trial of Tom Robinson vs. the Ewells. b. At that time, which side would you have believed? The side of the Ewells (since they were white individuals, or out of worry) or would you side with Tom Robinson (since you knew that he was innocent and ignored that truth that he was colored)? c.

Honestly, if you selected to agree the innocent Tom Robinson, you would have not just been right, however also brave and brave. d. When reading the unique, I believed that it’s theme handled guts and bravery. e. According to the method Harper Lee wrote her book, she likewise thinks that guts and bravery were likewise an extremely essential style of the book. To show this, I will show proof from the book like: when Scout and Jem stood up to the lynching mob, when Atticus decided to stand up against the side of the whites since he understood Tom was innocent, and likewise when Mrs.

Dubose stopped her drug dependency. II. a. Among the reasons why bravery was a primary part of the book was because of the example when Scout and Jem stopped the mob from getting Tom Robinson, and perhaps Atticus. b. “I believed he [Atticus] would have a fine surprise, however his face killed my pleasure. A flash of plain fear was heading out of this eyes, however returned when Dill and Jem wriggled into the light” (Lee 203). c. What Lee was attempting to state was that even Atticus was afraid of Scout, Jem, and Dill appearing in front of the intoxicated males due to the fact that the kids could have been harmed.

Nevertheless, the kids neglected that reality and decided to help Atticus due to the fact that she knew something bad was going on. d. “Mr. Cunningham displayed no interest in his boy, so I tackled his entailment once again in a desperate effort to make him feel comfortable. ‘Entailments are bad,’ I was recommending him, when I slowly woke up to the fact that I was dealing with the entire aggregation. Entailments appeared all right enough for livingroom talk” (Lee 205,206). e. This quote generally raises the fact that Jean Louise tried to speak to the intoxicated Mr. Cunningham. She tried to put herself in his shoes so that he might be calmer and less threatening.

With this kind of scenario, she needed that psychological strength of nerve and bravery. f. Scout and Jem were really good examples of how bravery was shown in the book, now we will be talking about how Atticus shared a part in the theme. III. a. Atticus shared a major function in showing how bravery and courage was a big part of the novel, especially when he chose and talked about to Scout about why he will represent Tom Robinson throughout the trial. b. For example, at page 111, Atticus said, “every legal representative gets at least one case in his lifetime that impacts him personally.

This one’s mine … You might hear some unsightly talk about it at school, but do something for me if you will: you simply hold your head high and keep those fists down” (Lee 111). c. Atticus wants to defend a colored individual and let his household become a laughing stock due to the fact that he understand defending Tom Robinson was the best thing to do. d. “… if I didn’t [protect Tom Robinson] I could not hold up my head in town, I could not represent this county in the legislature, I could not even tell you or Jem not to do something again” (Lee 100). e.

Again, this quote concentrates on the point of Atticus defending the side of a colored person. He has the courage to see the larger picture of how this case will impact the society. He likewise realized that this case depended on his life, and he could not be an excellent lawyer or father because the options of if he was going to safeguard Tom or not reviewed his choices of how to end up being a good attorney and dad by following what’s right. f. Atticus became understood to the readers as probably one of the characters who offered the hugest effect on the rising and climax of the story. Last, however not least, Mrs.

Dubose was likewise a pretty good character that reflected the characteristics of guts in the book. IV. a. Mrs. Dubose was a fine example of how courage was displayed in the novel. b. “‘Mrs. Dubose was a morphine addict … she said she was going to leave this world beholden to nothing a no one. Jem, when you’re sick as she was, it’s all right to take anything to make it easier, however it wasn’t all best for her. She stated she implied to break herself of it prior to she died, and that’s what she did'” (Lee 147, 148). c. Mrs. Dubose was such a brave person in Atticus’s eyes due to the fact that of her determination of stopping her dependency.

Even today, lots of are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and have the intent of giving up, however they do not put their plans into action, winding up even more addicted than ever. d. “‘You seldom win, however in some cases you do. Mrs. Dubose won, all ninety-eight pounds of her'” (Lee 148). e. Another thing was that Mrs. Dubose might have continued taking the morphine since she was going to end up dying anyways, however, she did not want to be a servant of anybody, so she made it her own goal to stop before she died, so that she might be “tidy of any financial obligations from this world”. f. In summary, Mrs.

Dubose, although mean and nasty in the kids’s point of views, was a bottom line of how bravery was revealed throughout the whole book. V. a. To Harper Lee (and I), guts and bravery is the main point of the book. To reveal evidence, the 3 examples of when Scout and Jem withstood the lynching mob, when Atticus decided to defend Tom, and when Mrs. Dubose stopped her morphine dependency were discussed. b. To sum up, Scout and Jem was among the primary characters that revealed and backed up why bravery and nerve was a crucial them for the novel. c. Additionally, Atticus was also a major, exceptional character that howed his bravery and courage by protecting Tom, a colored individual, which is extremely rarely done, if not ever. d. Finally, we have Mrs. Dubose. Although, she was not very friendly and kind, she had the decision of trying to leave the morphine dependency of hers, something that is life-challenging to a person who has a, let’s say, drug or alcoholic addiction. e. Overall, as shown, bravery and guts were major points that stood apart from other styles. This theme revealed that any person can do anything, no matter how big the barrier is which the bravery acted out by the characters made extreme impact on how the story would go and wind up.

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