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To Kill a Mockingbird: Society Killed Tom, Not the Shooter Alone


To Eliminate a Mockingbird: Society Killed Tom, Not the Shooter Alone

Who Killed Tom Robinson? Though the jail guard, a private, shot Tom Robinson dead, it does not always imply that he alone is responsible for the tragic loss of Tom Robinson. The society of Maycomb County is communicated to be a racist neighborhood. Many elements show this fact, such as the racial slurs that are hissed towards the coloured folks. Coloured individuals are treated with hatred and suppressed by the predominantly white society. Due to the truth that coloured folks are prejudiced versus, Tom Robinson and his attorney, Atticus Finch “will not win, [and they] can’t win. This exhibits that due to his skin colour, Tom Robinson did not have stand a possibility to win the court case, therefore shows the height of the bias in Maycomb society. Tom Robinson ought to not have been sentenced guilty, and the residents of Maycomb are aware of that. An element that might have led to the loss of Tom Robinson’s case was that the jury was selected randomly, and the jury happened to be predisposition against coloured individuals. A quote that shows this is when Atticus says to Jem, “If you had been on the jury, child, and eleven other young boys like you, Tom would be a totally free guy. This quote explains that if the court had actually been run by eleven males who were taught not to be bias, like Jem, then the case would have a different result. Though Mayella Ewell and her daddy, Bob Ewell’s accusations had been plainly fictitious, “Tom Robinson was still falsely founded guilty. In the era of To Eliminate A Mockingbird, a white female’s word would overthrow a black male’s without a doubt. Tom Robinson was not guilty for raping Mayella Ewell, but for just being coloured -which is among the main reasons that society had currently eliminated Tom Robinson before he was shot dead by the prison guard. remember it’s a sin to eliminate a mockingbird.” “Mockingbirds do not do something however make music for us to delight in. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, do not nest in corncribs, They don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us.” In the unique, Atticus tells his kids that it is wrong to kill a mockingbird because they are safe animals that aren’t a danger to anybody. It is an analogy for killing an innocent male. Rare individuals like Atticus recognize that mockingbirds represent the coloured folks. They do not develop difficulty and only dream to have great objectives.

The jail guard who shot Tom Robinson dead, is not fully accountable for the tragic loss of Tom Robinson’s life. Tom Robinson was killed mentally by society, not the prison guard alone. Tom Robinson is pull down by the justice system when and has definitely no faith for his acquittal. Having been convicted of raping a white woman, he understood that, he had little to no chance that an appeal would go him any great. He was tired of taking a white guy’s chances, and decided to take his own. In Alabama, the sentence for rape was death, so he, in result, committed suicide by attempting to escape from jail.

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