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Trade in “Things Fall apart” Essay


In the novel “Things fall apart” by Chinua Achebe females are considred as a low in society, because as stated in the book, Okonkwo hated his daddy since of his being frail, weak and untitled. Those males who have no title are called agbala or “lady”. (Achebe 143)

Guy are the hunters and farmers of the town, because they have the strength to work. Due to the fact that women where weak and frail they stay at their homes and markets. Ladies in the village play a crucial role in the market and in the neighborhood.

It is verified that females have positions like chieftain, this position is not administrative, but for essential functions in the market and the neighborhood. Ladies ended up being the merchants of the village, because males tend to be out searching, farming and doing their job as administrative officials of the town, keeping order in the village.

The main crops in Ibo were vegetables and yams. Trade with other villages was done by the usage of cowrie shells, these little seashells were utilized as a form of currency.

However during the years from 1880 to 1960 Europians began to colonize Africa. Sell these towns where severely affected. Europians required Africans to pay tax; these taxes can also be paid by wage labor. The Europians likewise set up plantations and mines and other working premises for Africans to work. The Europians main function is to produce money for them. Some Europians accept tax in kind of products, like woven fabrics made of cotton. Others bring grain as form of tax.

The Europians likewise forced Africans to work without payment. Roads and railways where build by the use of corvee labor. Corvee labor is work without payment. They were also required to carry heavy loads of items by transportation colonial administrators

Africans suffered a lot during the colonial period. But considering that around 1960 Africans began to get independence and were strugling to restore trade, because the value of main products that they produce decreased worldwide market.


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I check out the book Things break down throughout my HUM 1 class, so I have a background on the book. I based my essay on the book and other online sources that provide info on the trade, culture and history of Africans. I also utilized the links you have offered me. That is how I developed this essay.

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