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Why do things fall apart in Lord of The Flies? Essay


Within business plan, our individual lives and civilization itself, things every now and then tend to break down. Thus, the reason why we have policies in business plan, specific identity within our individual lives and supervision within civilization. Without them our world would become a chaotic and uncivilized environment, comparable to the novel. For this reason, the reason why things broke down in Lord of The Flies.

The requirement for civilization and order is essential when individuals are provided the chance of dominance and liberty.

Laws exist to keep the darker side of human nature in line, allow things to run efficiently and obviously to not to surpass to the point where individuals end up being power starving, merely like Roger, Jack and some of the other characters in the book. When all aspects of civilization vanished on the island, they boys reverted to a more ancient part of their nature, and they developed into savages and tyrannical replacements of democracy. Society holds everybody together, for that reason without laws and sequence, the young boy’s morals, worths of life and fundamental ideas of what is best and incorrect are ancient history, and the savageness of humanity transpire.

In today’s world each has some kind of individuality, whether it is their name, look or character. Throughout the unique the boys lost their individual identity, and were no longer understood by their names, rather as a group term. When the hunters painted their faces and slaughtered pigs, they instantly lost their individualism, and became part of a group mindset of savagery. Character was also lost when the twins, called Sam and Eric “integrated” characters as “Samneric.” Thus they were no longer referred to as two different characters or people, but rather as one person.

In order to sustain mankind and individualism we need guidance and control, something that was taken advantage of in the novel. Ralph in some way represented order and poise in society, nevertheless Jack wearied of Ralph supervising, and took it upon himself to become chief. Piggy and Simon also represented clear sightedness and the status of social order. Nonetheless, savagery and Democratic power were mistreated and wound up overriding this order and control. “Roger collected a handful of stones and started to throw them. Yet there was an area round Henry, possibly six yards in size, into which he dare not throw. Here, unnoticeable yet strong, was the taboo of the old life.

Round the squatting kid was the defense of moms and dads and school and cops and the law.” (Chapter 4) This quote clearly describes the start of Roger’s cruelty towards the littluns, an essential early step in the group’s decline into savagery. This is where the cracks start to reveal, especially in a few of the older boys’ determination to use physical force and violence to provide a sense of superiority over the smaller boys. For this reason explaining the psychological operations behind the starts of that interest. Nevertheless Jack hasn’t yet forgotten the authority of moms and dads, school, cops and the law … however, this didn’t last a long period of time.

Simply as a society can not be kept up out guidance and control, nor can a couple of teenage young boys stranded on an island. Subsequently, when we are asked, “Why do things fall apart in Lord of The Flies?” quickly we can tell the reasons that.

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