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Why Faustus did not repent in “Doctor Faustus” by Christopher Marlowe


Why Faustus did not repent in “Medical professional Faustus” by Christopher Marlowe

Faustuss RepentFaustus did not repent despite the fact that he had lots of possibilities. He claims that the devil was Holding his by far when he wanted to raise them in praise to god, to name a few actions. He does not seriously think about repenting up until the last hour that he has on earth, asking forgiveness while Satan and his assistants tear him to pieces. Faustus does not repent because of worry, unpredictability, and pure ignorance. First off, Faustus desires power and knowledge that he will get from his pact with Satan.

However throughout the play he does not get everything he wants although the devil has assured him everything, he sells his soul to get whatever his whim desires and yet Mephistophilis informs him he can’t have a real better half, instead he provides a slut, and denies him the knowledge of who created the Earth to name a few things. In reality Faustus never ever gets his end of the deal. Also, Faustus doesn’t repent due to the fact that he does not think that God would forgive him after he has actually cursed His name and signed a pact with the devil, in scene 5 Faustus states “If unto God, he’ll toss me down to hell”.

This depicts Faustus fearing Gods wrath and his failure to seek his forgiveness. In the last scene he thinks about how he has lost his life, and discuss repenting however he never in fact requests that God forgive him for what he has actually done. repent. Another factor Faustus doesn’t repent is since he does not understand what he has actually done until the extremely eleventh hour. Faustus shows himself ignorant of all things that might have led him to Paradise instead of Hell.

In almost every scene that the Good and Bad Angels show up, he has an opportunity to change his mind and repent to conserve himself from Satan and be forgiven by Gods everlasting love but yet he doesnt. Among the most considerable scenes is scene 5 when Mephistophilis is informing him about how dreadful hell is and Faustus simply belittles him and states that” Hell’s a fable”, showing himself to be ignorant. He ahs a full fledged devil, servant of Satan, come to him form the depths of hell, and yet he declines to admit its presence. Some may think that Lack of knowledge is happiness, but in this case it eventually sealed Faustuss doom.

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