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Why Is Frankenstein Subtitled or, the Modern Prometheus?


Why Is Frankenstein Subtitled or, the Modern Prometheus?One of the greatest pieces of literature composed during the Romantic Duration is the world prominent novel, Frankenstein. This gothic literature is written by a girl by name of Mary Shelley. People all over heard the story about the monstrous animal produced by among the world’s maddest researchers that ever existed in the fictional world. Some even understand how the author fabricated this story, but what they do not understand is why did Mary Shelley subtitle her book Or, the Modern Prometheus? Could her story have anything to do with ancient Greek myth about the god called Prometheus? An analysis on the two characters, Prometheus

and Dr. Frankenstein might discuss why Mary Shelley subtitled her book Or, the Modern Prometheus. There are lots of resemblances in between the 2 primary characters of these pieces of literature. Both Dr. Frankenstein and Prometheus are understood to be ambitious and they show this by pursuing their objective of producing life. Dr. Frankenstein stated, “I gathered the instruments of life around me, that I may infuse a trigger of enjoying the lifeless thing that lay at my feet” (Shelley 56). Similarly, the Greek myth states, “Prometheus first transmuted Atoms chosen

for human clay”( Legend of Prometheus ). When both these creatures were created the creators understand that their productions were missing out on something. Frankenstein stated,”How can I explain my emotions at this disaster, or how delineate the scalawag who with such infinite discomforts and care I had endeavoured to form? … His yellow skin rarely covered the work of muscles and arteries below; his hair was of a lustrous black, and flowing …”(Shelley 56 ), when he recognizes that his creature is ugly. Frankenstein is so astonished to find his development ugly that he runs away with feelings of scary.

Prometheus too, feels discouragement when he,”observed man and longed to bestow upon him some excellent power, unshared by any other animal of earth, which would raise him far above all other living beings, and bring him nearer to the perfection of the never-ceasing gods” (Legend of Prometheus ). Prometheus then decides to offer man fire so that his creation will not pass away out in the world. In Frankenstein the act of giving life to another person is an immoral thing for Frankenstein to do since it goes against all the laws of nature. Prometheus too, goes against the laws of the gods and nature by stealing fire and offering it to guy. His actions of defying

the gods were impressive and caused fantastic alarm. He is said to have, “His adventurous foot planted … Of the theft and the transmission, Of the fire of the Immortals “(Legend of Prometheus). After comparing the Prometheus misconception and Frankenstein it is no surprise that Shelley draws parallels between Dr. Frankenstein and Prometheus. These two characters undoubtedly have a lot in typical and they reveal this by both being ambitious and going against the laws of nature.

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