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Women in Frankenstein


Females in Frankenstein

4. How are women’s roles and male attitudes toward women depicted in Frankenstein? In her unique Frankenstein, Mary Shelley represents all of her female characters from both favorable and unfavorable point of views. Writing the novel in the early 19th century, Shelley attended to the typical stereotyped view of women as inferior to guys that society of the time held. Dominated by male storytellers, the female’s viewpoint is overlooked in the novel. By leaving out the female’s point of view of Frankenstein, Shelley enhances in the reader the message that society of the time attributed really little to women.

In addition to that, the firm concepts that females must be dependent on males, to be taken care of and having little possible to achieve anything independently, resonates in several of her characters. Resonating with other characters, the readers are able to see that females are weak-minded, weak characters who end up being easily influenced. This trend can be seen throughout Frankenstein with characters such as Caroline Beaufort, Elizabeth Lavenza, and Justine Moritz, who all played less considerable roles compared to the males in the story.

Shelley represents the consistent feminine strength in her female characters through the little accomplishments of Caroline Beaufort, Elizabeth Lavenza and Justine Moritz, nevertheless Shelley acknowledges how weak minded and dependent they become in the face of hardship and their lack of control over certain situations. Shelley is able to reveal that Caroline Beaufort is able to sustain herself economically, nevertheless Shelley brings the reader to the harsh truth that she should sooner or later be dependent on a man. Shelley states, “… there was no other prospect of support.

However Caroline Beaufort possessed a mind of an unusual mold, and her guts increased to support her in her hardship.” (p. 28). When Caroline’s father was on the edge of death, she included herself mentally and made ends meet in her family financially. Nevertheless, Caroline’s momentum died out when the extreme truth became that she could not support herself since of her mourning emotional state. Shelly continues, “This last blow came by her, and she knelt by Beaufort’s casket weeping bitterly, when my father got in the chamber.

He came like a safeguarding spirit to the poor girl, who devoted herself to his care; and after the interment of his pal, he performed her to Geneva, and placed her under the defense of a relation. 2 years after this event Caroline became his better half.” (p. 28). Caroline’s independency and self sufficiency was a failure since she was “saved” from her difficulties by Alphonse Frankenstein. Shelley’s larger message to the readers is that females need to be rescued by males because they are incapable of maintaining themselves and require to be based on another person.

Shelley has the ability to integrate her time period’s stereotypical belief of females being ownerships of males that require to be taken care of in her example of Caroline Beaufort and Alphonse Frankenstein. Elizabeth Lavenza’s celestial beauty and luring appeal is what sets her apart from other women, nevertheless she is met by her death when she was uninformed of Frankenstein’s naughty trick. Elizabeth entered the Frankenstein family totally well aware of her expectations of fulfilling the position of Victor Frankenstein’s partner.

Victor states, “No word, no expression could body forth the sort of relation in which she stood to me- more than sister, considering that till death she was to be mine only.” (p. 31). Victor expresses that his gratitude of Elizabeth is beyond what words can reveal, however it was his fault that Elizabeth satisfied her unforeseen death. Victor’s development secured his revenge on poor Elizabeth, who was completely unaware of the understanding that was being withheld from her. If Elizabeth had taken more of a firm initiative into Victor’s life beyond their relationship, there would not have been any inconsistencies in between the 2.

Victor testified safeguard Elizabeth, ironically he was the reason for her death due to the fact that he kept a lot from her. The lack of their bond and understanding added to this miscommunication that permitted the monster to kill Elizabeth. Shelley uses this instance to show the readers how the fault of Victor Frankenstein straight injures Elizabeth Lavenza, which cost Elizabeth, her life. Justine Moritz stayed strong in the arms of controversy, but due to her weak-minded mindset she was thrusted into her own failure.

Moritz remained her firm position on her innocence and she was firm on her beliefs. Her determination and perseverance prompted her to gather witnesses in her defense to show her innocence. She mentions, “I plead approval to have a few witnesses analyzed concerning my character, and if their testament will not overweigh my supposed guilt, I need to be condemned although I would promise my redemption on my innocence.” (p. 79). Being the strong and independent minded thinker that Moritz was, she was hoaxed into offering a false guilty plead.

Moritz was forced to provide a plead when the judicial authorities threatened her redemption, and being belittled forced her to consider that statement. Victor specified, “The individual to whom I resolved myself added that Justine had actually already confessed her guilt. “(p. 81). Victor had the opportunity to save the lady’s life, nevertheless it was his hesitation and her weak will that allowed her to succumb to death. Shelley was able to represent a spectrum of both positive and unfavorable perspectives of women, however she is able to reveal that they are weak infantile beings due to the fact that none of the ladies survive.

The bigger message that Shelley is trying to send out is that ladies do not have the superior attributes that enable guys to be independent, self enough and non-dependent beings. Shelley’s significance of eliminating all her female characters prevailed over to the sensation that society still wasn’t ready to allow females to reach their complete capacities beside their vital characteristics. Being eclipsed by the society’s male dominated characteristic, ladies are set to the side to be onlookers when they should actually be the forerunners in this day and age.

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